50 Cent Addresses Critics, Rapper Angered Some Fans With Photos of Money Stacks

Posted on December 9, 2010

Remember when I posted the video of 50 Cent loading up his Lambo with millions of dollars for no good reason? I said then that wasn't the type of activity you usually see from 50 Cent. He's not the million dollar chain wearing, flossing type of rapper, those coon activities have now earned him some not so surprising backlash on Twitter for the video and the pictures of him flaunting money.

Says 50 Cent:

“Everyone has a right to their opinion on you when you're public property,” 50 said in an interview. “Some people who may not be in a good financial state are angry that you have the ability to do that. I sent a joke on Twitter at the wrong time and it was completely misinterpreted. You could say my name and it will provoke emotion. Some people love it–some people hate it. Some people don't have enough interest in it to care either way, but they [still] know who you're talking about. They'll say something negative [about] where you can put that money. Then, when you have no money, they'll have something negative to say about that [too], whichever way, whatever situation you're in, they have something to say about it, regardless.”

Your point is duly noted 50, and it's your money so can do whatever you want with it. But right now in this half a*s economy and like you said “Some people who may not be in a good financial state are angry that you have the ability to do that,” you must have realized that was going to happen. When it's all said and done now might not have been the time to be doing that, it was in bad taste.


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