50 Cent Says Jay-Z Blocked An $800,000 Offer For Beanie Sigel

Posted on November 4, 2009
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50 Cent - Baby By Me 3


[7:10-7:40] Beans was the better artist out of the actual crew, the stronger artist. That’s why when he did the year and a day, I was like “as soon as he comes home, I’m bringing that project over here.” He would of got at least $800,000. Jay was telling him he didn’t want to lose him.

Jay & Puffy had these feelings towards me at one point. They didn’t want to lose anything to me… It was like “I’m losing something, to him?”

[8:35-9:10] I think that he does a great job at manipulating the system. When he had the Def Jam building, Nas got like $2 million dollars. Jay got a $15 million dollar marketing plan. He was like “This is for you. This is for me. This is for you. 1, 2, this is for me. This is for you. 1, 2, 3, this is for me.” Until his whole marketing plan is the real one. You know that “Wave, wave, wave.” [Show What Me What You Got] That was the wrong record. If you got $15 million in marketing, you can make the wrong record feel like right record.

Do you guys even know anything about the secret society? S**t is crazy you better look it up, I've heard things about Jay-Z being affiliated with it but nothing solid. 50 Cent impressed me with the “Glasses, None Confrontational Vibe” thing, I didn't expect him to pick that up that's the type of things you learn in psychology, that boy must be reading some books because he wasnt't this sharp coming in.

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