50 Cent Speaks on New Album, Eminem & Working With Kanye

Posted on November 18, 2007
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50 Cent

EXCLUSIVE | Curtis tells MTV about mentor Eminem, collaborating with Kanye West and reveals all about his next album…

This album is more aggressive and darker- I’ll produce something that hands down will be the best record of that time period. There’s no duet with me and Kanye,” he said. “There was a track that I created and Kanye produced but it’s not made it to the album.

I’ve heard a few tracks from his new album and It sounds more like the 50 Cent we are use unlike his most recent attempt “Curtis” where it sounded as if he was out of his element.

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    Busta and Meth are always lingering around my top 10 list of top MC's. What happened to "FLIPMODE"?  And extinction level event was his best work I think,  the next one should knock socks off.  Nicki should of spit with em,  She is like a female LL Cool J.  And should be on alot more tracks with titans like this.  out