50 Cent Speaks on The Forever King Mixtape + Tracklist

Posted on July 3, 2009
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50 Cent on Mixtape Monday:

50 Cent is definitely up on everything. He looks at the Internet just like everybody else. Sitting in his New York office Thursday (July 2), 50 was looking at the Drake video, refusing to watch Game’s apology to the G-Unit on MTVNews.com and answering calls from Leonardo DiCaprio’s camp for a dinner with the movie star. All that, and he played his latest mixtape, Forever King for Mixtape Daily. He was originally going to call his latest mixtape Sincerely Yours: Southside Part 2, and on it he planned to rap over ’90s R&B classics. But in the end he decided to throw in some additional flavor with his throwback stylings.

“It was Sincerely Southside Part 2, but I changed it to Forever King because of the content,” he explained. “I wanted to not just make all ’90s music, I wanted to switch up the content a little bit. Also, calling it Sincerely Southside would cause an expectation based on Part 1. So I called it Forever King. In the past, you’ve had artists, when they feel they’re on top their game, say they are, or would be considered, the King in New York City. So I feel on top of my game. It’s actually one of the laws of power: Act as if you’re a king to be treated like a king.”

The cover of the tape features 50’s face digitally imposed with an iced-out skull.

“When Michael Jackson passed, there was a piece of artwork that had ‘King of Pop, King of Rap’ with me and his pictures. That’s what gave me the concept of the artwork.” There’s a real human skull that’s got diamonds embedded in it,” he said. “I saw the photo in Dubai. It’s an artifact, it’s priceless. That’s a real skull they see. We used the effect to make it feel like it’s a skull inside my face. And the Yankee hat would be my crown.”

The King gets anything but the royal red carpet rolled out for him in a track called “Put Da Work In.” Over a slow beat,

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  1. Paranoid
  2. Respect It or Check It
  3. Suicide Watch
  4. Things You Do
  5. Get Money
  6. Funny How Time Flies
  7. If You Leave
  8. Dreaming
  9. Where You Are
  10. London Girl 2
  11. Touch Me
  12. Put Da Work In

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