50 Cent Vs Camron Series

Posted on March 12, 2007

Ok lets sum up the battle between 50 Cent and Camron thus far.

The Reason – This is what caused the entire rivalry between Camron and 50 Cent

Listen: Angie Martinez Real Talk 50 Cent Interview – Camron calls in.


Round 1

After the whole blow up over the phone 50 Cent replied the next day with a diss record and a video to go with it. (welcome to the new age of hip hop beef)

Check out the video on our new video site – Funeral Music

Then one day later Camron replies with his own diss record called Cuurtis then followed up with a video 2 days later and a website to match called cuurtis.com (WOW thats funny).

Listen to the Cuurtis track below:


And you can watch that video on our video site also – Cuurtis Video (ghetto and whack)

50 Cent won the first round.

Round 2

A week later 50 Cent puts out the Camron HP Commercial – funny as hell.

Check it out – Camron HP Commercial

And a week after that he puts out another video with Young Buck called Hold On.

Check it out – Hold On (it's a cool video)

A week later Camron replies with Cuurtis 2 – hilarious (this was a hell of a blow)

Check it out – Cuurtis 2 (too funny for words just watch it)

It was not looking too good for Cam but the Cuurtis 2 kept him in the game.

Right now round 2 is looking like a draw.

Thats if for now lets see where the go next with the thing, you know we ill have the latest updates for you as soon as they become available.

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