Drake – Take Care Album

Artist: Drake
Album: Take Care
Release date: 11/15/2011
Record label:

Drake – Take Care Album (Review & Overview)

So where do I start? Lets just jump right in; this Take Care album is straight fire! No exaggeration it's a hot album from start to finish, when he said Thank Me Later he must have been referring to this album because thank yous are definitely in order for this joint.

Now before the Draters (Drake Haters) start screaming d**k rider let's begin digging into the album from a critical stand point. First off I think this album consist of maybe 3 fillers tops, and those are “We'll Be Fine,” “Cameras,” “Look What You've Done” and even those are arguably good tracks.

I think where the over critical analyses lies with Drake is from his own fan base and what they want to hear from him, half his fans simply don't want to hear any singing with the exception of the hook, and of course women on the other hand are all for the love songs. Then you have the listeners like me who's been rocking with Drizzy since early 2007 before the singing, then got introduced to it later on and saw it as a bonus. I feel a healthy balance of both is what makes Drake who he is.

This Take Care album has a perfect mixture of Drake and R&B Drizzy, there is no way you can doubt his lyrical prowess on tracks like “Under Ground Kings,” “Hyfr (Hell Ya F*****g Right)” featuring Lil Wayne, “The Ride” (iTunes Bonus) and of course “Lord Knows” which he's really talking some s**t on.

That record in participial defines where Drizzy is in his career at this point, he's completely comfortable in his own skin and he's  become much more confident which you can hear in the rhymes. He really feels like he's the one that can old the crown, they say you don't know who you truly are as artist until your third album and Drake is already showing you glimpses of what he's going to become.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Drake's vocals have improved immensely; just goes to show you what vocal training and some studio magic can do.

Though he's not actually a real singer per say, it doesn't change the fact that he's a incredible song writer and when he does sing, it works for the songs he writes. Songs like “Doing It Wrong,” “The Real Her,” and “Good Ones Go Interlude” are all solid R&B stacks that any R&B artist will respect.

Then you have the best-of-both-worlds joints like “Shot For Me,” “Marvins Room,” that have a great balance of both versions of Drake and of course the title track “Take Care” featuring Rihanna, which I guarantee you will be the biggest record on the album.

And Of course you have records like “Motto” on which Drake completely channels the Bay Area, already becoming a street anthem, though I feel like Lil Wayne under delivered on his feature.

Speaking of features the album has the right amount and didn't go over the top, that Kendrick Lamar interlude was definitely a good look and is surely a prelude to something else to come from Drake and Kendrick. The Rick Ross feature “Lord Knows” is also a sign of what's to come from Drake and Rick Ross on their collabo mixtape YOLO (You Only Live Once).

The hottest new R&B act The Weeknd who's been in the studio allot with Drake, his features on the album are merely a fraction of what these two have been doing.

Even though we've heard “Marvins Room“, “Headlines” and “Make Me Proud” a million times, they're still good enough to not skip when listening to the album.

The overall subject matter of the album is more of the same you expect from Drake, that average Joe rap that everyone can relate to. From relationships, heartbreak, ex-girlfriends, fame, family to money; the album has a little bit of everything.

If your not a Drake fan then there is more than enough content on here for you to pick from to call him soft, gay or whatever other reasons you make up to dislike him. The overalls fans will be bumping this joint straight through to January and the over critical fans will at least like half the album.

I give this album 4.5 out of 5.

It's a great album but doesn't scream classic, hence the imperfect score; but that's just me what's your rating?

Drake Take Care Album Download

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Drake – Take Care Album Tracklist

  1. Over My Dead Body
  2. Shot For Me
  3. Headlines
  4. Crew Love Ft. The Weeknd
  5. Take Care Ft. Rihanna
  6. Marvins Room – Buried Alive (Interlude)
  7. Underground Kings
  8. We’ll Be Fine Ft. Kendrick Lamar
  9. Make Me Proud Ft. Nicki Minaj
  10. Lord Knows Ft. Rick Ross
  11. Cameras
  12. Doing It Wrong Ft. Stevie Wonder
  13. The Real Her Ft. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne
  14. HYFR Ft. Lil Wayne
  15. Look What You’ve Done
  16. Practice
  17. The Ride

Bonus tracks:

  1. Hate Sleeping Alone
  2. The Motto Ft. Lil Wayne

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    This album is okay but I think he could do better. Lyrics still hot but the cd isn't a classic which is what I was expecting from Drake! Was pretty disappointed! The songs on the album that are on the radio are the best tracks on the cd!


    This LP is so fuckin wack if yall think dis a good LP ders something wrong with ur HIPHOP IQ


    c`mon club paradise is definetly in a top 5 drizzy tracks of all time...shoudl have made the album, anyway i gues he has laike 20 tracks or smth left for some mixtapes coming out soon cuz i didn`t get enough weekend, rick ross and where is stevie wonder?...btw offtopic he did the same sh`t with kid cudi i waited for their colabo for 2 years now where`s that?


    I really liked this album, if you like music just like this just check out A$AP rocky's new mixtape LIVELOVEA$AP mixtape http://bit.ly/rxW72S . It's fire voted by pitchfork one of the best albums of the year.


    iloveyou bebeh!


    Tbh, I find that We'll Be Fine is a great song, definitely my favorite tune to ride to on the album. I wish Dreams Money Can Buy or Club Paradise had made it onto the album though. Both are better than some of the songs that did make it, such as Cameras or Doing It Wrong.


    I like it just took to long but 629,000 the first week i didn't see that coming.