Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Artist: Kanye West
Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Release date: November 22, 2010
Record label: ,

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (Review & Overview)

Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album review, what can I say I love this album. I think that says it all. Although I said Hunger For More 2 is my favorite of all 3 November 22 releases, as far as production and just straight up good music is concerned, it doesn't get much better than “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” I appreciate this album especially since really hated “808s and Heartbreaks” and have been patiently waiting for him to change direction.

Truth be told it feels like I've been listening to this album for more than half the year due to the G.O.O.D Friday series plus other leaks. None the less the album is well done, when I listen to songs like “Dark Fantasy,” “All Of The Lights,” “Monster,” and “Lost In The World”  words  like epic and intoxicating come to mind, I'm talking about I'll sit here and play those songs at least 5 times before I move on to the next record.

The production on this album is so elaborate, and that by itself garners 5/5, I'm already searching the web trying to find all the instrumentals. The records sound like they should be in a movie, which is why that short film Kanye released a month ago makes even more sense now after you listen to this album.

If I go any further I might start sounding like a groupie, so I'll stop here. It's Kanye West folks, so this level of music is expected.

I give it 4.5/5, leave your reviews and ratings below.

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    I feel this album exactly the way he has praised it... this is truly great music alive especially songs like dark fantasy, power, all the lights, Monster (Nicki omg), hell of a life and Lost in the world (this song makes me feel high like in church or somthin.. know wat i mean)

    Alex Place
    Alex Place

    I love Kanye, but if he wanted to use "all that power" well, in my opinion, he would push for clean energy and limiting foreign corporations to influence our elections (thanks republicans for allowing)... However, I know he's just a douchebag doing his thang. AND I have no problem with that, he's questioning our crazy American consumption model a little bit, which is more than his surroundings are doing. Kanye "Bush doesn't care about Black people." Check (essentially what the Bush tax cuts signify). We are our surroundings, we need Yeezy to push the culture to a brighter future.

    Alex Place
    Alex Place

    Once again, Kanye West has gone in a different direction, using his creativity and vision to provide his legendary commentary on society with his DOPE talent. He's been my favorite rapper since I heard We Don't Care-- still my #1 joint-- and this album is UNREAL. I wish he pushed society more directly, by acting and calling out the excessive American consumerism, over-the-top lifestyle (at least he admits he's a douchebag). He refers to it in all of these songs, but it's a trail of bread crumbs because he wants us to work hard to figure out his meaning. I'm So Appalleddd. I love this album.


    5/5 I've been saying this for a while. Always been a Kanye fan. He's always been inspiring with his words and even when he's being a little hood-ish,it's in good context. The album goes hard. Every song is major. I can't get through the whole album because I'm always stuck a certain song. Instrumentals, when you find them, let me know.


    When Kanye mentions he's releasing a new album, regardless of how large the name of other artists may be or the team behind their project (producers, features, ghostwriters, etc), I know the one person I can count on in Hip-Hop to bring forth a collective listening experience is Kanye. Long before he was known as an MC, I heard his first underground freestyle and knew something was there. Fast toward several years and he's bringing forth outbursts that rival someone that's burden with multiple personalities but his musical talent will and has always overshadowed his personal life. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy continues that same pattern of what I consider a positive and collective listening session. Though many will be familiar with tracks due to their leaks and the Good Friday releases, I no longer listen to songs from an artist if I know it will be featured on a coming album, until that very album releases. So this album besides "Power" are entirely new to me. So how's the production? Well, it's Kanye so you know he likes to experiment with all genres of music to find that right sound. He doesn't stray to the point of singling out a niche or demographic and that can be shown on songs such as "Dark Fantasy," where he samples a song from Mike Oldfield's "Crises" album titled, "In High Places." The intro grabs your ears and holds you throughout until the very end. The most soulful or emotional production comes from a song he sampled from Smokey Robinson's "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," by the name of "Devil in a New Dress." Though the lyrics on Devil In a New Dress don't touch the soul as Villematic by J. Cole, the production does that for you. He has a way unlike other producers of closing out a song with an amazing instrumental...well that's definitely on here. Lyrically each feature on the album brings forth their own energy that'll keep you interested until the next song.  Though "Runaway" may happen to be a tired song for others since they've heard it a thousand times by now, it's one of my favorites since I didn't listen upon its official release but instead waited for the entire album. I definitely recommend purchasing if you're a fan of Mr. West; you surely won't be disappointed though many songs have been released.


    bro jus because u use big words and talk about society dnt make u smart jus say this album was fuckn dope and leave it alone(by the it was dope)


    Damn, best album cover ever.


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