Boss: Season 2 Episode 1 – Louder Than Words

Posted on August 20, 2012

Summary: Boss Season 2 Episode 1 – Louder Than Words

Mayor Tom Kane (Kelsey Grammer) fights for personal and political power while struggling for control over his disease. Watch new episodes Fridays 9PM EST on STARZ.

I'm not going to go into everything word for word just some key points.

Recap:Boss Season 2 Episode 1 – Louder Than Words

The new season of Boss starts off face paced, just like season 1 Mayor Tom Kane meets with Dr. Ella Harris who he basically forced-relocated to protect the secret of his debilitating disease. She gives him the rundown of his current sate saying “You’ve experienced a heightened acceleration of the disease. It is progressing faster than expected

Again Kane feels he can handle the decease, and it still in a certain level of denial, even while the doctor is explaining the severity of the disease, Kane is hallucinated that he is in a desert somewhere – at least until he can’t handle it. He says, ‘I have purpose‘, as if that mantra could keep the disease at bay.

Kane then goes on to say

It can’t have been easy, missing your friends, your family, and starting over. There’s an opening in the Neurological Department in the local hospital [where they are is undisclosed] for you. And arrangements have been made for admittance to a prestigious private school for your son Roman.

This is Kane's way of apologizing for basically uprooting the doctor's life.

Dr. Harris issues her warning to Kane: Mr. Mayor, you have to know that your best days are behind you.

Darius Returns (R&B singer Rotimi)

Darius, Emma’s (Kane's daughter who he had arrested) lover decide to confront Kane as he returns to the city, a verbal showdown ensues between the two morally bankrupt individuals. Kane sitting at the top of political crime & corruption, Darius sitting at the bottom of the underworld of guns and drug dealing.

Darius is really upset that Emma was arrested. What kind of man would have his own daughter arrested, Darius says in a lowered tone up close to Kane. Kane then tells him that he's the only reason why Emma isn't in general poputlaion.

Darius is in up close and mutters something threatening. Kane steps backs and loudly says (so everyone in earshot would hear) You had the unmitigated stupidity to threaten the Mayor of Chicago…

Darius walks off and looks back nodding his head with intention of retaliation.

Enter Sanaa Lathan as Mona Fredericks

We find ourselves in Alderman Ross’s apartment. His life has unraveled since his discovery of his wife’s infidelity with Zajac. The apartment is a mess, and he’s unkempt. His assistant is Mona Fredericks (Sanaa Lathan). They’re discussing the upcoming vote on Lennox Gardens, a onetime pleasing housing project that has fallen on hard-times. Mayor Kane wants to take over control of Lennox Gardens, presumably to tear it down and sell off the land to his favored business associates. Ross will have to call in some favors to sway the vote against the Mayor. But he doesn’t look like he’s up for anything. Fredericks secures his proxy.

Skipping Forward…

Enter T.I. as Trey Rogers

We arrive at a darkly lit apartment room with with 3 scary looking guys along with Darius sitting on the couch handling an automatic weapon.

After a little while, in walks Trey Rogers  -a former gangbanger but now a player with his eyes on City Hall. Rogers is both a conduit to an Alderman and a grass-roots organizer ( a Ward boss) via his gang. According to the cast notes – this represents a symbiosis between politics and crime in Chicago. Darius needs Trey’s help. He says, I need you to get to someone.

I won't dive any further into the season 2 premiere episode but lets just say, someone got shot at the end of it.

How T.I. and Rotimi Got Connected

I wasn't aware that Rotimi was a R&B singer prior to landing a starring role on Boss, not until 2 months ago when this site relaunched with it's new name.

A singer by the name Baiyu, one of our featured artist (she's dope) submitted her music video for her single called Invisible which features Rotimi.

As described by Baiyu, Rotimi is not only a singer/actor but a model as well, who happens to be the face of Akoo which is T.I.'s clothing line, a partnership that took place as a result of them shooting season 2 of the Boss series.

It's pretty cool how that all came together.

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