Brooklyn Barclays Center: Jay-Z’s New Verse, Protests & Profits

Posted on September 30, 2012

The grand opening of the Brooklyn Barclays Center was the big event that ended off this eventful week in Hip-Hop.

The grand opening saw everything from protests, profits to people just simply there to see Hova.

Funeral at Barclays?

Beneath the rusted overhang of the arena’s entrance, eight men dressed in black carried two caskets through the crowd. The protesters were part of “Don’t Shoot NYC,” a campaign to reduce the number of gun-related killings throughout the city.

The Jay-Z concert for the Grand opening of Barclays presented the perfect opportunity for the DSN (I made that up) to gain attention and further their agenda.

They weren't alone either, another group of protesters from the “Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn” group were also in attendance. Their major issue and complaints were in reference to Forest City Ratner, the company that developed the arena.

One of the protesters Kanene Holder who also associates with the Occupy Wall Street movement, said she's concerned about her borough.

“The people of Brooklyn didn't want the Barclays Center,” “Brooklyn has more problems than not having a basketball team. How about poor schools, high crime, no jobs.”

Small Businesses Love Jay-Z

While protesters were pissed, local businesses were very happy. Many local store fronts welcomed the opening of the arena with “Hello Brooklyn” banners.

Representatives of P.C. Richard & Son, Modell’s Sporting Goods agree that this is a good thing.

“Not too long ago this was all empty ground, nothing was here, Now I see people walk the streets right now that I’ve never seen before.”

– Billy Gnad, district manager of P.C. Richard & Son

Many other small businesses are also saw big gains from grand opening and expect more from Jay-Z's scheduled eight shows.

What's Good With That New Jay-Z Verse Though?

Hova couldn't open up Barclays without something new, so he had to drop a new verse for y'all.

This is Rich Porter Part II
You can stunt like that when you rich before your debut
Money and the murder, rapper or the trapper, either way I’m gonna serve you
Shooters on my team, no really I got shooters on my team
Juan or Deron, how you n****s want it? Pick a arm
They call me lucky lefty, ball so hard I don’t respect the f*****g referees. 

Something light….It's just Different (Hov voice)

I'm sure a track will surface at some point that features the verse in it's entirety.

Some weak visual for you.

Not since 1957 has Brooklyn had a professional team which were the Dodgers, and Jay-Z had a hand in that which is a big deal when you think about it.

He grew up in nearby housing project, rapped his way to the top of the Hip Hop food chain, gained stakes in the Nets (very small) and played a significant role in making the team the Brooklyn Nets.

That's the super abridged version.

He's very much the public face of this arena.

Jay-Z is the black Sinatra of our time….Nah f*ck that he's the Jay-Z of our time.

Props NYDailyNews, Forte Greene and OnSmash

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