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Posted on February 16, 2007
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Cam took it to the streets with this video and even goes the extra distance of even including some no names n****s in the video talking about 50 Cent being a snitch. Lets talk about the snitch thing for a second, they said on his album he was snitching on n****s which is completely not the case, if they listen to the album they would realize that. Thats like saying all that s**t that Jay-Z said on “Reasonable Doubt” was snitching on himself. Hip Hop Music is not the streets, this is what we are not understanding and this is why record sales are the way they are right now it's not illegal downloading that's been going on for over ten years now.

Hip Hop Music is about telling stories, selling yourself, venting, lifestyle, being honest and telling it like it is, would you much rather him tell lies on his records and keep it fake like everyone else. No one believes all this hyped up gangsta s**t that everyone is kicking which is why people are not going out and spending their hard earned cash on music that they can't relate to. Thats why Kanye West sold a million his first week on his second album because he is being himself even though he's a egotistical bastard.

…….Ok let me stop rambling, I going too deep into this.

Camron's diss track is just as wack as 50's they are both not that good (which is most like due to how quick they were made). Cam is trying to prove his street cred by posting with a bunch of n****s nobody knows, remember this is the same person that when Jim Jones got jumped at Rucker Park ran to the other side of the court and watched and did nothig to help, then went to a philly radio station a stated that Jim Jones made tme look soft at the game. I don't make this s**t up Here is the video

Plus everyone one keep saying that camron is speaking facts, if you call lying about record sales facts then I guess he is, but if your like me and like the truth more than the so called facts check out this article.

It's like I'm the only one wake in this world of dreams, don't you love the way I air n****s out…Holla at me.

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