Can Camron Really Compete with 50 Cent?

Posted on February 8, 2007
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Okay this might seem a bit bias but these are the facts. There is no way Dipset can compete with G-Unit, they're not even in the same league.

Let go with Dipset first:

The Dipset definitely have their hustle game on point, Jim Jones does get 7 dollars per record for his latest album “POME” (product of my environment) with has sold over 300,000 so far, Juelz Santana's latest album “What The Games Been Missing” sold over a million and Camron has ventures with three different record labels (Koch, Def Jam and Columbia records). The rest of the members of the dipset don't really matter since their numbers are too low to be on the radar…..hey these are the facts don't get mad at me, do your research and you will see that this is the truth. The only time Camron had a platinum album was when he was signed to the Roc and that was double platinum, you can look that up too.

Lets Take a look at G-Unit.

50 Cent has already sold over 20 million records worldwide with only two albums he made over 100 million his first year (album, clothing, sneakers etc). That already knocks off Dipset's entire roster, 7 dollars a record or not. Lloyd Banks debut album “Hunger For More” sold over 2 million units, and his current album “Rotten Apple” is currently at 300,000. Tony Yayo' debut album “Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon” sold 700,000. The G-unit album “Beg for Mercy” was also a multi platinum selling album. Lets not forget The Game's debut album “The Documentary” sold over 5 million which 50 cent gets 25 percent of, and he also get 25% of his current album “The Doctors Advocate” which currently at 800,000. There is no need to even go into Young Bucks sales being that they where lower than all the ones mentioned above, we are not even going to go in to mix tape sales, remember DJ Whoo Kid's site is number one website in Google for the search term Mixtape, they get 400,000 hits a month and that equals money. This is just for the music…We are not going to even go into other business ventures, that would be a slaughter.

As far as lyrics:

50 Cent lyrical skills is not what it use to be but he knows how to make a hit record. Camron is pure trash, you can disagree with it if you want but put his stuff against 50's and then you do the math. Jim Jones is okay, “We fly High” was great but whats next? Juelz Santana has his days, most of which is hot. He's a good rapper being that he freestyle most of his s**t. Tony Yayo is trash, his hottest s**t were the freestyles he had on Hot 97 when G-unit was just getting hot, anyone who disagrees with this is a idiot. Young Buck also has his days. Lloyd Banks will rap the entire Dipset under the table (point, blank….period).

50 Cent has a far bigger roster that Camron does, most of which are far more lyrical.

At the end of the day it's all about the numbers, the whole altercation between Camron and 50 was based on who is selling more and making more money and if thats the case then 50 cent is wining by a long shot. I only mentioned the the above artists because they are the only ones doing numbers, I won't mention anyone else from either camp being that they do not do any numbers worth mentioning.

If you don't like the above information then your in denial, do your own research and then let me know what you think then.

To deny facts, is to to lie to yourself and you are living a delusion“.

Leave your thoughts and comments, good or bad does not matter… keep it funky b*****s.

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