Do You Hate Chris Brown? Well There’s An App For That

Posted on September 24, 2012

The IHHM regulars know we rock with Chris Brown when it comes to music and being a performer, he's super talented.

But the brand that is Chris Brown often dabbles in the realm of fuckry far too much, after all the hoopla over the new tattoo on his neck of what appears to be a battered Rihanna, some people are fed up.

Well if your one of those people guess what? There's an APP for that!

Introducing Chris Brownout

Brought to you by Aux TV the same creators of the NickelBlock app to block out Nickelback's fuckry.

C Breezy is now on the list.

Here's what Nikki Tudico, the Communications Manager at Aux TV told us about the APP.

Since you guys created the app is it safe to say you're not fans of Chris Brown?

It's probably safer to say that we love Rihanna.

2. Does the app actually identify & block out Chris Brown's face or does it just block the image associated with the headline Chris Brown's name.

The Chris Brownout App attempts to block any trace of him, images included. Anything that has “Chris Brown” in the file name or tags is at risk of its wrath. Try Google image-searching ChrisBrown with Chris Brownout installed.

3. Have you received any crazed reactions from Chris Brown's cult like fans?

It's been mostly positive, surprisingly. The only negative feedback we've received so far is from people accusing us of being part of the problem by giving him more exposure. We welcome more negative feedback though. Get at us, naysayers!

4. Will the app be available for other browsers or just Chrome?

So far it's only available for Chrome unless you want to sweet talk our developer into building it for others. But we do have a Nickelblock browser (guess what that one blocks) that's also available for Firefox:

– Nikki Tudico

We tested out, but as a news site we can't be blocking out headline.

It's prett cool thought, check it out.

Google Chrome Store: Chris Brownout.

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