Cassie Pictures Leaked on the Internet (Updated Link)

Posted on May 9, 2009
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If your were wondering what happened to this post and why I took it down, well two days ago Cassie lawyers try to muzzle me as if I’m responsible for the pics leaking, out of respect and for the fact that I like Cassie I took them down but I didn’t like the way they tried to get at me so now it’s back by popular demand with a video to boot. The pictures or the videos are not hosted here, please contact whom ever is hosting them. The last time I checked Cassie as a artist is public domain and I can report whatever I feel like as long as it’s true. As per my lawyer.

Check out the Video

Click the video link above. First the hair now this, below is a response she made regarding the leaked pics on her Twitter page. This is far beyond PG13 so if your at work my apologizes please don’t get your self’s fired…lol


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