Charles Hamilton Gets His Jaw Rocked By A Girl!!!

Charles Hamilton Gets Punched

This feels like it will be one of those legendary posts, I sat here for like 2 minutes just watching that image over and over. Dying with laughter, this is what you call a career ended, well not really but it sure doesn't look good on his rap resume. LMAO did you see the sonic rings get knocked out of him in the picture…..ha ha ha this made my Saturday morning. I'm gonna let this one sit on the front page for a while.

The name of the girl that laid the hand of god on Charles is Briana Latrise who just so happens to be Mary J. Blige’s stepdaughter and is suppose to be Charles Hamilton's assitent, below is a video of the battle led to the punch. It  turns out that Charles was tapping it at one point and she got pregnant and had an abortion or something to that effect, which Charles decides to freestyle about, what a fool. Punch deserved.

Briana Latrise interview with DDotOmen


We started dating and it kinda progressed. I ended up moving to NY, I moved in with him. I started working with him, marketing plans and stuff like that to show him what I was capable of doing. (1:00)

I was really trying not to hit him, I was trying so hard. He just had that cocky look I can’t stand. (3:18)

I’m still helping Charles with his career. That’s the craziest s**t about our relationship, I decked him last night but we had breakfast this morning. (7:17)

I felt bad, I felt like the b***h. Like I was wrong for decking him. (7:37)

Source:NahRight, DDotOmen and Miss Info

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