Dame Dash Shares His Thoughts on The 50 Cent & Steve Stoute Beef

Posted on April 21, 2014
Steve Stout and 50 Cent

Shortly after 50 Cent partied ways Interscope Records, he quickly jumped at the opportunity to confront Steve Stoute for his public comments made at Hot 97 during an interview.

Stoute partook in a conversation with Angie Martinez to discuss the 5 most important people in hip-hop right now and broke down why he wasn’t a fan of 50 Cent, referring to his music in recent years.

While Steve was promoting his The Tanning of America: One Nation Under Hip Hop documentary series at VH1 (also home of This is Hot 97), 50 Cent decided to revert to his old self and confronted Steve at a Knicks game which quickly went viral over the web.

The two have a long and storied history, Stoute actually gave 50 his first deal in 2000 and advised him not to sign with Eminem before his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ campaign in 2002, when he wouldn’t initially re-sign him.

Dame Dash who also has a rift with Steve Stoute decided to weigh on the drama:

Ha!…Steve Stout stays getting punked….but I have to agree with 50 on this one…he is one of the most dangerous people in our culture…he makes artist from our culture make themselves corny by working for corperate so he can personally gain…he’s wack and he makes everyone around him look wack…beware

Wow, well that pretty much says it, tell em how you really feel Dame.

I'm not sure if I agree, Steve is a smart guy I believe he presents Hip Hop to the corporate world in easy to understand & monetizable way. This is more so an issue of 2 smart people having their own way of doing things in Hip Hop culture.

What's your thoughts?

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