Drake’s Thank Me Later Sells 447,000 First Week (Is This The Change You Were Looking For?)

Posted on June 24, 2010

So according to the official numbers from Soundscan Drake moved 447,000 his first week which T.I. was close to with his prediction. I expected those numbers judging from the fact that his album did leak a month before it's release but on the flip side I was also prepared for him to do some crazy numbers like a million his first week due to his dedicated fan base. There's also the fact that the album release took too long, last year when he had a more organic buzz similar to what 50 Cent had in 2003 but not as big would have been the perfect time to drop that album and I feel the numbers would have been double what they are now. There's a thin line between buzz and saturation, you could be 2 songs from not being hot enough or 2 past being the guy that when people hear you they go “oh not this guy again”.

Through out this year Drake started to become that “not this guy again” artist and that's because there was just so much of him out there from radio hits to mixtape leaks and everything in-between. It's not like 7 years ago when the radio mostly dictated what we heard and when we heard it and you received the content in moderation instead oft all at once like the Internet does. 447,000 copies for first week sales is great by any standard though  especially for a debut album and it will certainly go platinum. But since Drake represented this change in the game that would give birth to the new generation of rappers and a new business model for the music industry, when he signed to a major many felt he dropped the ball because he didn't need a major to do these numbers, hence why he said “Never dropped the ball, f**k was y'all thinking” of his Over single.

Drake has already gone the major label route so there is no new business model and of course Drake didn't want to risk failing going that route, how many of you facing a record deal with a 2 million bonus would leave that on the table to go independent? That's what I thought. Drake will not be the guy to change the direction of the industry and the way the business operates but he has changed the climate of the type of music artists are making. We were all tired of hearing every single artist talking about drugs, guns and b*****s and about your past gangster life before rap when it's all bullshit, come on every artist lived that life? Nah we not drinking that cool aid. So you can thank Drake for that now,  but I guarantee you there's a rapper out there somewhere working diligently on his music, moderately leaking tracks on the web that will change the music industry and he'll do it in the next three years.

At the end of the day Drake has a solid album out and he's talented enough to stick around for years to come and I expect more great music from him. But we'll have to hold off on that change in the game that we're all waiting on, one thing is for certain those 360 record deals these labels are handing out now won't be the future of anything, if your an artist signing those deals you might as well just go to gay bar, bend over and let a hundred gays rape you because that's exactly what that deal will be like. That's not a music career that's a day job….

Chozen out….lol


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