Entourage Season 7 Episode 10 – Lose Yourself (Season Finale)

Posted on September 14, 2010
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Any hope of Vince pulling out of the nosedive he’s been on all season were dashed in last night’s season finale of “Entourage” — an episode that was bookended by bags of cocaine.

The finale picks up where last episode left off — Lloyd has found a giant bag of coke at Vince’s house, and everyone’s favorite meal ticket has gone missing. This prompts a flurry of cell-phone acting to locate him. It also leaves Ari in the lurch because Vince agreed to show up at his kid’s little league game. One more reason to be on Mrs. Ari’s s*** list after Ari’s restaurant outburst.

Vince eventually turns up looking dirty and disheveled on the set of Sasha’s latest p**n movie (well, the box cover shoot anyway). He demands to meet Sasha’s ex-boyfriend/co-star and makes the inevitable scene about how his girlfriend shouldn’t be having s*x with other guys, followed by an ultimatum: do the movie and it’s over. By now it’s obvious Sasha doesn’t respond well to limitations on her behavior.

Drama, meanwhile, has organized an A&E-style intervention for Vince at his mansion. Inattendance are Ari, Eric, Billy Walsh, Drama, Scott and Turtle, who has spent the episode thus far trying unsuccessfully to organize enough investor money to ward off Mark Cuban’s purchase of Avion tequila. When Vince shows, he throws a petulant fit about having his behavior questioned — seven seasons of the entourage enabling him and catering to his every whim aren’t going to be re-written in one scene. “I know you all need me,” Vince says, perhaps understanding for the first time the extent to which his friends have lived off him, but I don’t need you. And with that he’s AWOl again. One note before moving on from the scene: Scott reveals to Eric that he’s enacting a plan to oust Murray, the man who got Eric the job. Eric can join in the coup or be left in the cold.

There’s an overdue realization taking place in Ari’s marriage, too. Mrs. Ari, despite the mansion, the cars and the fancy friends, has discovered what she really wants a husband who doesn’t have a cell phone implanted to his ear and who doesn’t scream at everyone like a lunatic. Ari has a big party planned for her 40th birthday that he hopes will smooth everything over. Despite a suggestion to cancel from guest star John Cleese, Ari pushes forward in typical style. He hires Christina Aguilera to sing, bribes his sister-in-law to get Mrs. Ari out of the house for a few hours and assembles the guests — only to receive a phone call from his wife to inform him that she needs a break and is taking the kids to her mother’s house.

Which brings us to the final moments of season seven. Vince checks into the Roosevelt hotel, where he continues his downward spiral by snorting coke and drinking. He hears about an Eminem party. He goes. He makes a complete a*s of himself with Minka Kelly, propositioning her for s*x two seconds after introducing himself. That approach may work with trashy groupies but not Derek Jeter’s girlfriend. Drama shows up to take Baby Bro home but it’s too late. When Minka tries to have Vince removed, a fight breaks out and he’s beaten down by Eminem and the beefy security dudes. Looks like Vince won’t be tarting that Peter Berg film anytime soon.

Everyone gathers at the hospital. Vince has the same reaction to this summit as he did the intervention. But he’s not going anywhere. A cop is standing behind him, holding up a bag of coke that clearly belonged to everyone’s favorite move star.

Recap by Steven Kurutz

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