Entourage Season 7 Episode 3 – Dramedy

Posted on July 19, 2010
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Quick recap…

Turtle is about to lose everything, he has no money, his business is failing, his entire staff quit so he ends up down in Mexico to seek employment (more on that later.)

As for Ari after getting busted by his wife dancing with Miss Hottie Lizzie, he finds a way to deny her a promotion which pushes her to quit. Lizzie leaves the office threatening to make Ari pay for screwing her over. This feud will be a nice fight to watch in the upcoming episode.

He needs to keep his wife in check she can’t be dictating what’s happening in the workplace, now he’s lost his number one employee who will most likely end up screwing him over with theNFL deal.

Meanwhile Vince-Eric-Scott work triangle gets even funnier as the dudes try to battle it with punches and playing other silly games. This will not end well.

The episode ended with bang with Alex, taking Turtle down to Mexico to meet some strange man with a gun who is a potential business partner. What kind of business is he into, drug and gun trafficking?

The best line of the evening “Is that my hat, bro?”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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    Anyone know the name of the song that's playing in the background?, at about 22:23...when Vince & Sasha are drinking shots of tequila & turtle walks in..


    Thanks a milli choz this is the best show on tv that few can afford


    Thats the rangers my man, look em up on youtube, they're a cali jerkin crew, you'll find the song no problem