Entourage Season 7 Episode 5 – Bottoms Up

Posted on August 2, 2010
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Tonight’s episode of Entourage, Season 7 – Bottom’s Up – is the5th episode of this season, and it has been going great. Turtle is back from his visit to Mexico, Drama might finally have a job, and Lizzie is trying to destroy Ari’s business. What will happen tonight? Keep reading myreview and recap if you want to know.

Tonight’s episode starts us off in a familiar scene – the four of them are in a club as Vince is talking to Sasha Gray, the p**n star. Scotty comes along after receiving an invite. All of them starting picking on E for not giving butt s*x yet and that he has to do it before marriage. Drama’s great line, “Are you kidding me E! The vagina is my third favorite hole.” Classic.

Ari is under a lot of pressure and takes it out on his wife during s*x to the point where he is hurting her. Then he tells her thats what marriage is for – banging the anger out.

Bob Saget makes a great appearance. He tears E apart for not answering his calls. And then Sloane calls during the meeting about butt s*x, since E googled and looked it up on wikipedia on their computer and forgot to delete the search history. Awkward and hilarious, since Bob knew what he was talking about based on the conversation.

Drama is freaking out because John Stamos hasn’t called yet. After the Bob Saget meeting where Drama finds out that Stamos showed the script to Saget and now Saget is going to take his job, Drama flips out and says he is going to kill Saget and that he is a dead man. Saget tells Drama that the script writer told everyone he wrote it for them. Drama leaves, moping that he has no life and is going to kill the scriptwriter. Saget’s hot broad offers Drama a blowjob if it’ll make him feel better, which he turns down, surprisingly.

Amanda Daniels? calls Ari, the agent that tried to steal Vince like four seasons ago maybe? She picked up Lizzie and is going to help her tear Ari’s company apart. Interesting appearance from a character we haven’t seen in years and definitely unexpected.

The episode ends with E and Sloane trying to have butt s*x. Its hilarious. Neither of them really knew what they were doing. E tells Sloane she is strangling his d**k and she calls him a p***y so he rams her hard and she cries out in pain. So funny. They decide to stop and just have regular s*x. I don’t think we ever had a s*x scene with Sloane but she was wearing clothes so it didn’t really count.

Turtle wants Vince to promote the Avion Tequila but E doesn’t think its a good idea. Turtle tells Vince about it and at the end of the episode, Vince calls E and tells him he wants to do thepromotion. What a great way for them to advertise – using Entourage to advertise it. I looked it up and it is a real liqueor and website.

This is my favorite episode thus far for this season…

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