Entourage Season 7 Episode 6 – Hair

Posted on August 9, 2010
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The ‘Hair’ episode of the “Entourage” has made the public life of Vince (Adrien Grenier) a naked reality. Vince’s professionalism may be tested with his courage to have a relation with pornography actress Sasha Grey. The young actor is little cautious about his career while he is seen drunk and very naked laying face down next to his pool  at the end of “Hair.”

Here is no chance to think Vince as the only actor with troubles, as Turtle also has a problem sealing the deal with Alex thanks to some physical difficulties. While Ari is troubled with Lizzie Grant and Amanda Daniels, Mr. Gold turns helpless to regain his already volatile reputation. Moreover, Lizzie discloses the recordings of Ari’s rage to Deadline Hollywood.

Entourage: Episode 84 “Hair” has another element of happiness with rejoining of Billy Walsh, who has gone to backstage after his unsuccessful collaboration with Vince on “Medellin.” This time he returns as Eric (Kevin Connolly) dropping the fury for a little.

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