Eyezon: From South Africa To The Bay To A People Like Us

Posted on September 4, 2008
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Bay Area Rapper Set To Release His Deeply Personal and Poetic Sophomore Album

“Eyezon delivers his lyrics with a religious conviction, but is blessed with a great sense of timing. He has the ability to alter his rhyme schemes constantly, but without losing sight of the cadence of the mystery man’s beats.”RapReviews.com

(September 4, 2008- Brooklyn, NY) Eyezon, the South-African born, Northern California resident is set to envelop new fans in an album that delves into life, love, loss, and struggle on his sophomore full-length A People Like Us. The album will be released on January 27, 2009 on Interdependent Media.

With A People Like Us, Eyezon touches on variety of subjects, including the dangers and racism that were rampant in South Africa during his childhood as well as common issues of love, loss, abortion, and homelessness. When asked about A People Like Us, Eyezon says the title was a reflection of “the struggles that a common people can relate to.” The album is brimming with the depth of emotion, vibrancy, and insight that is often put on the backburner in mainstream hip-hop albums.

On the song “Lord Hold Me” Eyezon dissects his struggles, dreams, and pain. The accompanying video explores the problem of homelessness in the United States by juxtaposing images of Eyezon with startling facts about our nation’s poor. Shot by Ethan Lader, the same director who created J*DaVeY’s “Mr. Mister” video, the video challenges our complacency and sheds light on an issue that is often overlooked. Paying homage to Common on “I Still Love Her (Hip Hop)” Eyezon reveals the beginning of his infatuation with hip-hop as a child in South Africa. Hailing from a culture that so far as banned rap music for its political connection to the nation's oppressed, Eyezon could only hear hip-hop on the mix tapes and recorded radio shows that his uncle brought back from the U.S. Although Eyezon did not yet know English, he found something intriguing in the music and began to learn the rhythms of the delivery.

A People Like Us was produced entirely by Charlotte, North Carolina-based producer Sean Lane. Initiated through online communities OkayPlayer.com and Soundclick.com, the bi-coastal duo shared a love of music, and decided to digitally craft A People Like Us through file sharing. Eyezon, who has been writing verses since 1994, admits, “I've never worked like this. All I got was the drum loops, with maybe a sample in the back. Sean Lane went on and added different things to the beats to make them what they are now.” The fruit of his years of labor, A People Like Us stands as a testament to the messages of inspiration and perseverance he delivers in his rhymes. Eyezon has previously released an LP entitled 7 Miles from Earth and has also shared the stage with Murs, Xzibit, KRS-One, and Living Legends.


Lord Hold Me


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