Fabolous – Lord Knows (Drake Diss?)

Posted on December 27, 2011

If you haven’t heard that new Loso mixtape There Is No Competition: Death Comes In 3?s, then you need to. On the last track on the tape, Fab tears down Drake’s Lord Knows beat, on which he had a little slick line that takes at a shot at the beginning of Drake’s verse, where Drizzy talks about going in a girl’s purse.

You gotta watch the picture that you painting with your verses
We go in n****s mouths, I don’t know about b*****s purses.

Drake’s been feeling real confident lately, and has been talking like he’s the king in the game right now, so it’s only natural he has become a target. That’s how it’s supposed to be though, it’s a G check, can’t talk tough and not expect it.

This is nothing though just a little tap..

That being said, I fux with Drizzy hard body but on everything just so we’re clear; he’s nowhere near the lyricist Loso is.

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    I love this song to bitches😭😭


    I love this song