How Do You Feel About Rihanna & Chris Brown Making Music Together Again & Possibly Being Back Together?

Posted on February 17, 2012

The web went nuts yesterday after news was confirmed that Chris Brown would indeed be on Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake (Remix)” (dropping next week), with official word that a video was shot for the track as well. The singer had been spotted in LA the night before at a party RiRi threw for her birthday, being more than just friends with Breezy and much speculation surfaced about what exactly was going on at the intimate event.

Now whether or not they are back together and the music they'll be making is one thing, but here's my issue.

Yes – I think we can all agree that what happened 3 years ago (February 2009) was horrible and unacceptable no matter what the situation was, that being said doesn't Chris Brown deserve forgiveness at some point?

He paid his dues to the legal system, made numerous apologies mixed with blunders to the public, even made a bunch of songs apologizing as well, oh and crying at the BET Awards. What's considered enough in the court of public opinion?

Country singer Miranda Lambert wasn't pleased with Chris Brown performing at the Grammys nor with him winning, she even referenced the “Gunpowder and Lead,” song she wrote about domestic abuse):

I totally understand the why she would feel that way, but again back to my original point – when is it enough? There is no question that musically he's made the contributions deserving of the award and a spot (2 Performances) at the Grammys.

The other question would be, should his criminal offences play a role in how he's dealt with in terms of making music? If that's the case half the artist at the Grammys wouldn't be there, not just Rappers & R&B artists either – And if they do play a role, what's the expiration date?

Now admittedly it's quite sad when dozens of women flock to Twitter after Chris Brown's performance and winning a Grammy to make tweets about it being OK for Chris Brown to beat them, but who's fault is that?


This doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to win.

Chris and RiRi are not role models no matter how many people look to them to be so, and please spare me the bullshit argument of them being in the public eye and having a responsibility to the public….Yaaaaaawn!

They're 2 regular people who have talent and attained fame, last time I checked that wasn't the definition of a role model. And if you think they're role models then your parents, schools and society has failed you or you failed them – take your pick.

Plus I don't know why so many of us are surprised, this happens everyday in real life – girls going back to the men that abused them, it's not OK but that's the reality. The first time it happens it's on the guy, the second time it happens it's the girls fault for going back, plain and single.

I said this a while back that they would be back together in some way, shape or form once Chris Brown's career bounced back, on top of that Rihanna openly admitted to how impressed she was with the way he bounced back.

No matter what I say I know most of you who read this are going to take it upon yourselves to be judge, jury and executioner.

There can be many possible outcomes in the court of public perception, but is this a good move or bad move for Rihanna? Do you think she will receive backlash or will the people welcome the reconciliation? Is she obligated to set an example for young girls who might have gone through the same ordeal?

Or is it simply none of our business and we shouldn't care either way?

Let us know.

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