I Love Jay Z, But What The F**k

Posted on December 29, 2006

I don't know if this is for real or how many people have seen it already, but I received this in my email today and since it has something to do with hip hop and one of the biggest artist in hip hop, I figured I should post it.

“What a shame indeed!!!!? And all these other strong black men – looking the other way – are so useless. Couldn't someone give him a real heavy slap to stop him? Oh African/black women – these are “Some” of our men, whom we call beloved – humiliating and degrading us all the time in public. How disgraceful??? One of the reasons black women keep on opening up our beautiful hearts to other options elsewhere?! Strip him of his money and he is just another uncultured “BUNDU BOY – CAVEMAN WITH AN AXE”!! I feel like puking!

Jay-Z ‘ s reactions to an unauthorized Photo in South Africa … Last week

Please send this to everyone you know……….he should be held accountable for this one!!!!!
For all you Jay-Z fans. Is this the way we want our South African women to be treated??? How would he feel if his mother/sister/or his precious Beyonce were treated in this fashion? A room full of “men” and nobody does anything. This is surely going to taint his image. They said that he tried to pay the lady off quickly so that it didn't get out.
Guess they were too late!”

I did not change anything, this is exactly how I received it, feel free to use the email link below if you feel like sending it to a friend.

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