Should J. Cole Be Apologizing For His “Retarded” Line?

Posted on July 22, 2013
J. Cole

How far are we gonna go with this?

It's understandable why Pepsi would drop Lil Wayne for the Emmett Till line on Future's Karate Chop Remix, and yes it's also understandable why Rick Ross would get dropped by Reebok for his date rape line on Rocko's You Don’t Even Know It track.

Those were both examples of rappers being lazy with their rhymes and just spitting out whatever pops into their heads.

This is not the same thing with J. Cole, his line was a play on word that in the larger context of the song was well thought out.

The line from Jodeci Freestyle:

F**k your list you lame n****s and doubters
I'm undoubtedly the hottest and that's just me bein' modest
Go check the numbers dummy, that's just me gettin' started
I'm artistic, you n****s is autistic, retarded

At worst it's a mediocre attempt at a Double Entendre?.

Whether or not your offended by the line, you shouldn't under any circumstances feel like it's OK to start censoring artists. Are we going to demand apologies for every controversial line that's said on a record?

I'm drawing the line here, I don't think J. Cole should be apologizing.

Do you?

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