J. Cole – The Last Stretch

Posted on June 15, 2010
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New joint from J. Cole titled The Last Stretch over the “Angels” remix beat as a thank you to fans for the supported since The Warm Up, which dropped a year ago today, damn it's been that long?

Says J. Cole:

June 15th, 2009. A year ago today The Warm Up dropped. I’m taking this moment and appreciating all the love and support that I’ve received from yall. All that love ya’ll gave allowed me to hit the road and perform these songs for you before I even had a single out. It’s wild to me when I show up in places like Houston, Atlanta, Richmond, Ohio, University of Maryland, NYC, so many other cities and schools, and the whole crowd knows every word to every song. Seeing that it’s so early in my career, only 1 single out, that’s a blessing. Thank you.

A year later and people are still getting put on to The Warm Up every day. Slowly but surely ya’ll, just like it was supposed to. The album is coming, your patience is gonna pay off.

Thank you for real.

Ya’ll know I don’t like throwing out too much but f**k it, it’s a special day. A leaked freestyle never hurt nobody.

Oh yeah he raped this beat by the way.

My Way like a Ursher song
higher power where these verses from
you n****s hoes, put your purses on
Church, get your worship on
born alone, work alone, die alone
hot fire like Dylan
b*****s get they dial on
fake n****s get dial tones
I ain’t no Viacom n***a
I’m a firearm n***a
look how I alarm n****s


Download:J. Cole – The Last Stretch

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