Jamie Foxx Exposes Plies (DJ Kay Slay Fires A Few SHots As Well)

Posted on October 26, 2009
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I've been saying this for years. I've ran into allot these rappers and believe me it's just music for 90 % of them. I can say for most of my generation (25 and up) that we know the difference but the younger generation really believe the things that these rappers are saying. Now of course when you listen someone like 50 Cent or T.I. talk crazy on records you believe it for the most part because well they have the background to back it up, you can find there whole criminal record on Wikipedia, lol. You can't do the same with Plies or most of these other cats.

Rappers look at me and say I'm soft because I run a website when the truth of the matters I grew in one of the worst cities in the world (Kingston) and have been through the legal system more times than I'd like to admit and it wasn't cool or fun. That's the problem is that these rappers make it seem as if it's the life and it's not man.

Praises to the real hustlers and those that live it, but it's not to be glorified. What should be glorified is living that lifestyle and then being able to move on to better things. The “Come Up” is what we like to see.

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    Drakes has a rnb mixtape it is coming out decemeber 20th,2010 go download that shit


    I love this Jamie Foxx and Drake music video for their hot R&B song Fall For Your Type its awesome and one of the best R&B music videos around at the moment. I love Drakes rap on it too and Jamie Foxx`s soulful vocals and the delicious hook too. This R&B music video is hot.


    the drake version is way better...i actually like singing drake then rapper drake..he needs to come out with a R & B ALBUM


    actually Drake is working on an R&B mixtape and is coming out with his sophmore album "take care" in 2011, and i completly agree with the the drake version being better, its almost as if Jaime is trying to hard to sing,..