Joe Budden – Downfall (Speaks on Tahiry Cheating on Him and Hitting Her?)

Posted on January 30, 2010
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Another hot one from Joe Budden titled Downfall, produced by J. Cardim. This one actually was meant for his third LP, The Great Escape, but it’s being leaked now due to clearance issues. The forth verse is especially interesting where Joe speaks on being cheated on while being on the road and then putting hands on her (by way of a shot to the ribs) for doing it.  This person he's speaking of  I'm assuming is Tahiry.

[Verse 4]
Tell me what am I to do
if I aint have a soul a n-gga always had you
pardon Duke but I gotta speak candidly
How the F-CK could you abandon me
with 5 years of blood sweat and tears
but there was obviously a disconnect
we turned that into a disrespect
cos she been holding it inside for years she’s unhappy
so the girl I wanna marry was afraid to come and tell me
so I went away on tour
and you went on one of your own
while you was on the horn all day with old boy
did you ever think about what it would do to your home
what’s his name, where’s he live
what is it he offers? whats he got to give?
and I love you so much that when I caught onto your fibs
I hit you like a man, you(?) on your ribs
I was heated but had to be strong enough to remove the infidelity
and see whats underneath it
come to find out you felt lied to and cheated
mistreated and kept it a big secret
or are you just loose
and I’m so naive I’m tryna give you an excuse
now that I refuse to believe
we life partners, holy water or whatever devil (?)come apart of
can’t use anything I ever gave you to bury me
you supposed to be the one that bury me
you want to leave than goodbye
think the grass look greener on the other side
but it’s dyed(?)



Download:Joe Budden – Downfall (prod. J. Cardim)

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