K. Camp Talks About His “Average Joe” Path To Success

Posted on May 9, 2014
K. Camp Interview With The Breakfast Club

K. Camp makes his first visit to Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club to talk about his smash records and putting a face to the songs. Unlike most other rappers that claim to be about that trap life, K. Camp talks about his very relatable average Joe come up; working and getting fired from days jobs while working on his rap career.

He went to college for 2 months then dropped out, he talks working a the movie theatre for a year then getting fired on his day off when he came to watch a movie (now that's funny), then he worked at Babies”R”Us for a week, then it was Red Lobster for 3 days.

After that he went full time pursuing his rap career, working from his mother's basement until the stars aligned for him last year and the rest is history.

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