Kanye Sells 443k, While, “Theater Of The Mind,” Sells 212k

Posted on December 3, 2008
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Of course Knaye sales this time around would be allot lower than “Graduation”, what with the poor economy, no “50 Cent vs Kanye West” hype, not to mention the his auto-tune induced, 808’s which are really 909’s singer/rap album is a complete three sixty from his previous work which may have thrown his fans off a little. None this less 443k is not a failure by any standard especially given our economic current slump.

Ludacris on the other hand sold half of what Kanye did in his first week even though from a Hip Hop stand point, Luda clearly has a better rap album. This could be a result of him not having a super hit record even though “One More Drink” is currently climbing the charts. None the less 212k is not a failure and if you heard his album you would know he still has a few tracks that could be big singles. He’s only on his second single so far.

So who’s album are you guys feeling more….

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