Kendrick Lamar on Nicki Minaj: “She Has Right to be Mad”

Posted on June 8, 2012

There have been a number of people with different opinions on the Nicki Minaj/Peter Rosenberg saga. Most recently, West Coast rapper Kendrick Lamar decided to make his point of view known, saying that he sides with Young Money's artist in this case.

While on 105.1's The Breakfast Show Wednesday morning, Kendrick says he wasn't aware of the matter before his set at Summer Jam 2012. “Man, I was backstage I didn't even know that, that was going on onstage. I would be hot, she got all the right reasons to be [upset] and do all that she did.”

Lamar then continued to answer with “I'd still perform though” when asked if he would still hit the stage if put in the situation. Do you agree with Kendrick Lamar that Nicki Minaj has the right to be upset?


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