Khia: Simply Misunderstood

Posted on December 11, 2008
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“Who is the real Khia?” You may wonder as if all of the previous perceptions you’ve received were an illusion. However, after reading this, you’ll get to know the real Khia. You’ll get to meet the Khia who has worked extremely hard to remain both independent and successful within her own terms. You’ll meet a woman who loves music, has a passion for writing, once learned how to tap-danced, is focused on raising her children to be content with who they are, and strives to continue to pave the way for herself – that Khia which is the same Khia that through all of the business ventures, successful albums, (yes, her first album sold over 800,000 copies without a record deal) still remains to be true to herself. Regardless as to what you might have thought, your perceptions will continue to change. As I sat down to talk with the notorious Queen B, Khia shared a couple of glimpses into the real her. She discussed with Lexilex own Khia why she appears to be so angry, how the media has helped her career, and why she wishes to remain independent. This is what she had to say:

Lexilex: I have to be honest with you Khia; I don’t want you to think that I’m attacking you.

Khia: Well you should know that you can never attack me.

Lexilex: Well I just wanted to say that because I think that I have misjudged you… However, I wanted to do this interview with you because after seeing you on Ms. Rap Supreme, I felt that I had been misjudging you. I’ll tell you why. Although you’ve been doing your thing for a while now, it seems like the press never pick up on you in a story unless it’s controversial. Therefore, my question to you is do you feel like people are always misjudging you?

Khia: That’s definitely what’s it’s been. It’s backfiring, even if it is going both ways in the form of a love-hate relationship, either way it is still promotion. Thank you for asking me though because drama sells.

Lexilex: Do you think that people deserve to see the more laid back, professional Khia more so than the labeled ‘s**t starter’ Khia, like I’m seeing today?

Khia: You know what though; the real people know the difference. I can’t continue to talk to deaf ears. You understand it or you don’t – of course, the media is going to build you up to tare you down. I’m comfortable with where I am. I’m promoting myself, my music, and it’s all independent. My fan base, that is within the south, know the difference, because they will definitely make you out to looking like something that you are not.

Lexilex: Before the reality show, you’re known for saying that the controversy is free promotion for you. Even though they aired the episode where you were disqualified last night, have you seen an increase or decrease in your credibility?

Khia: Oh girl, it helped increased it. That was the best promotion I ever had. I had so much fun and it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Everybody is talking about Khia. It helped increased it for my fans who wanted to see me for the people who haven’t seen me and for those who have wondered where I was. They had the opportunity to see me. For me to be able to perform “Respect Me”, the ring tones sales have gone up tremendously, people are going to pick up the “You’re My Girl” album. There are so many messages that go beyond the “My Neck My Back”. I’ve touched so many people who have had issues with their mom and have lost their mom, and wanted to go pick up the album. There are a lot of people who are robots. They listen to the media to tell them who’s hot and whatnot. That has been in the blind. I called them ‘delayed’. For the people who have been wondering where I’ve been, it’s like ‘there she goes.’ For those who thought I was dead, it was like ‘she’s risen’. For those who thought all I had was “My Neck, My Back” it’s like ‘no, this is her third album, and sixth mix tape.’ It didn’t do anything but increased my sells, fans, and was a great marketing tool for Nasti Muzik. I love every minute of it.

Lexilex: You’ve stated that you have two beautiful children, for those who might wonder, do you feel as though you’re setting a good example for our children?

Khia: Yes! Oh yes. I teach them to be strong and not to take NO s**t. It doesn’t matter what you look like, if you’re different –if you’re Punkie Brewster or the outcast – don’t let other girls or boys judge you or make you feel bad like you ain’t beautiful or cute. If they need to be chastised, chastise them because I will. Sometimes we have to treat our children how to fight. Not everybody raise their children wrong. There are some children who love Khia. They know when to bleep it out and what’s for them to listen to and what’s not for them to listen to. What I represent is strength, and they respect that.

Lexilex: Now, I have to give you mad props. You’ve been facilitating a lot of things within your career for yourself – a lot of things that most people don’t know about. Tell us why people who might have had the same perceptions of you should respect you, or at least, look at you differently from what their reading on the MySpace blogs?

Khia: A lot of people are just now catching up to me like, ‘oh I get it’. Let them catch up to what’s going on now because this has been going on since 2002. I use MySpace and every avenue that I can to promote myself which is why I’ve been around so long without the use of a machine and team to do it. With all the hate, negativity, whatever it’s the streets that love me and keeping me a float. For me to write a blog, after all of the websites and media have picked and chosen their stories without me being involved, it was like me saying, ‘here fans this is the real’. I’m sure that they would rather here it from me than from them. Now, they’re looking forward to it. Everything that they try to use against me, I use for me.

Lexilex: Now, Khia, I have to be honest. I wouldn’t be a journalist if I didn’t ask you this. What’s the story with you and Lil’ Wayne?

Khia: ooh! (sounding as if I hit a touchy subject) Everybody (chopped speech) – that’s my baby. Make sure you get The Carter 3! I don’t really talk about my personal life as far as my kids and other things are concerned. Everybody knows what’s up, much love. I’m his #1 fan.

Lexilex: You can answer this yes or no – is the song ‘Lollypop’ about you?

Khia: Yes.

Lexilex: Okay, I just wanted to ask because I thought I’ve picked up on that but didn’t want to conclude the wrong assumptions…moving along, why did you feel the need to buy Trina’s album and critique it in your MySpace blog?

Khia: She put a diss record out on me. Why put out a diss record – I was like why is this girl talking about me… I went to get the album to see if it was on there and it wasn’t. She was circulating the diss record as false promo for the album. I bought all of her albums – go buy mines. Out of all of them, this one was weak. Therefore, I was like instead of me doing another diss record –since you can rewind the first one since hers didn’t get any better – let me just do a review of her album. You can do the same for mines because I’m not in the business to write diss records. Trina put hers out first, and I made mines. I said what I said about her because she put hers out first, so I put out ‘Hit Her Up’ then she put out another… I was just like ‘you know what, I am a musician, I’m an artist, I don’t write diss records. It’s like buy the album. I did it and then I did the review instead of the diss record. She didn’t deserve the first diss record that I did because really it wasn’t for her, it was for the dude who did the ghost writing for her, that I know, so tell him to come up from behind that pen. All my facts are straight…. All you want to talk about is my dreads and my titties – which are lovely. We done heard it before so is that all ya’ll can say?

Lexilex: What’s up with you and Wendy Williams?

Khia: She is a Trina fan because they have a lot in common… trifling! She hated by giving me a lot of free promotion in the Hip-Hop Weekly and on her radio show. My fans are my biggest supporters. Anything that they want to know, they will let me know or ask about it. Here I come like ‘what’s going on?’ (sounding like she’s clueless – pretty hilarious) and they’ve taped Wendy going off on me in the Hip-Hop weekly, etc. I’m like why is Wendy attacking me when I’ve been on her show plenty of times. It was all love. One of them undercover haters – if I’m for you I’m for you. Don’t try to smile in my face like everything is cool and try to use me. Then behind my back, you want to hate. The same thing with Janet. Let me know so that I’ll know that I don’t have to do you, and I don’t have to deal with you. I took the blog out on Wendy because it was more like ‘Wendy, I thought me and you was cool’ so I had to check Wendy in the blog!

Lexilex: Would you like to clarify what happened between you and Janet?

Khia: I felt disrespected because I’m a realist. I’m a Janet fan, much love to her. When it came time to do the video, and the promo, she hated. I don’t really do features because I don’t respect women as artist. I do my own music. For that reason, a lot of people go and get collaborations because they want to use other people fan base to help sell their records. I felt like that’s what she did. She called me, it was all love. When I got to the studio, she acted like she was fan talking about how she loved the song, ‘My Neck, My Back’. She wanted me to be on her album. I write the song, she loves it. I went to the video shoot, she loves it. Everything is Khia, Khia, Khia – everything is great. When the video aired, I had been edited out. I was on the TV, which was not the way the video was originally shot. Which means to me that in my face, everything was all good but behind my back, she was hating. It was like ‘oh no, this is my video, it’s on the song, I’m Janet Jackson, and that’s it.’ Well if she respected me as an artist, it would have been like ‘Well Khia, I respect what you doing, you’re an independent artist, I want to help you. I called you to be on my record, I want you to be in my video.’ That let me know she was hating. It’s more so like I’ve used you, I got what I needed, BYE. Even though I got my money – don’t get me wrong – if I knew she felt like that then I wouldn’t have done it because it’s not about the money.

Lexilex: Why did you decide to do the reality show?

Khia: To promote myself with my new album about to drop. I’ve already made up my mind that I wanted to go and promote myself. From a business stand point, why would I go on there with a bunch of amateurs who haven’t done anything? The judges haven’t done anything. How can they critique me? In my mind, it was use this time like promote your music. Nobody else got it. It was like ‘Oh, why is Khia on there?’ and it’s like because the show was on VH1. VH1 goes into millions of households. I’m going on here to promote my music and myself. Everybody was like ‘oh she already made it’. No, I never signed a contract. I never had a major deal. That made me eligible to be on the show. Just because ya’ll put me up there with some of the big dogs, that comes from straight street grinding.

Lexilex: Have you resolved your issues with Ms. Cherry?

Khia: No, she’s just young and ignorant. It’s like ‘do something’. Everybody knows that I’m not a one-hit wonder. She’s from the south, she knows. If she was from New York, I could say, oh well you don’t know any better but she does. She was putting on for the TV and I checked her. She simmered down, she knows better.

Lexilex: What inspired you to write a book of poetry? Again, the average person doesn’t get this perception of you so what would make them want to go and buy your book.

Khia: Now with the blogs and my first book, ‘Gangster Love’, it’s like seeing that people are like she CAN be a creative writer. It’s like duh! I’m a writer, I don’t just write music, I write stories, plays, all that. I’m a writer. Now it’s like everybody is like ‘okay… okay…’ but to my fans it’s still entertainment. Everything is going to be juicy because it’s me. I can sell anything to them because it is me and they respect me. Some people get it and some people don’t but that’s what I do.

Lexilex: Let’s talk about this album, what can the fans expect? The cover is hot!

Khia: I know I’ve made it back to Africa. This album is going to seal the deal with the music composer, producer, and artist. It’s not just all Hip-Hop and rap. I created melodies, bridges, blinds, and harmonies. It’s anymore hooks like it was before. It’s music… not just a bunch of metaphors put together.

Lexilex: With your single, ‘Be Your Lady’ was that energy put into that? I love that record.

Khia: Yes, yes, yes…

Lexilex: Any features on the album?

Khia: No.

Lexilex: What is something you’re looking forward to the most with this album?

Khia: Touring with my band. I have a band with this album so to be able to do young and old folks – it’s exciting. I am thirty years old. With the live music with the Hip-Hop and blend, it’s a new level. I’m in a new category all by myself.

Lexilex: Any lasting comments – maybe to those who misunderstood you?

Khia: It’s not too many real people anymore. You have leaders and you have followers. You have kings, queens, and you have peasants. The people who recognize who the real is, and for those who are easily persuaded by the powers whatever that may be, I don’t need to accept them. I don’t need them to understand me, for those who do, that are what’s up. I’m trying to lead my hood, the youth, uplift my company, and make it through the struggle. I dedicate my projects to the fans. I do all kinds of shout-outs and inserts to the fans. They are excited to see if their name made it. I used some of their skits so they’re waiting to hear that. My relationship with my fans are deep. A lot of artist don’t take time to see what’s up with their fans and I do. Everything I have is because of them, so Nasti Muzik 08 is for the fans.

Lexilex: What would you say to the women who are out here wanting to make it but is doing it the wrong way since you’ve done it your way by yourself?

Khia: Love yourself hoe, which is the name of my book. You can’t be out here doing different things with different people and don’t think that they do not want something else in return. Do things for yourself. You have to chase your dreams and make them happen for yourself. You can’t trust people. People have secret motives. You have to definitely take control of your own situation and know that hard work does pay off. Work hard. I enjoy being independent and being in control of me and being the boss of me. You’ll reap more blessings like that.

Lexilex: Well Khia, thank you very much for speaking with me. I really appreciate it, and good luck with everything.

Khia: Yes, thank you… I’ll being checking out the website.

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