Killer Mike Speaks on the Officer Ross Debacle

Posted on July 31, 2008
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From Rhapsody’s Rhap Session with Mike:

On credibility in hip-hop and Rick Ross’ alleged past career as a prison guard
I’m not speaking relative to or in opposition of Rick Ross in this next statement, but I will say this: my father was an Atlanta police officer and my mother was a known drug trafficker, in addition to being a business owner and pretty smart, savvy black woman. And I’ve never hid either of those facts. I’m a man and I am contradictory elements to my past and my personality. I’m the same kid that sold dope on Martin Luther King [Drive], paid for a tutor with that dope money, and got himself into Morehouse College because he knew Martin Luther King Jr. went there. My story is the American story. It’s Joe Kennedy. A grandfather who ran moonshine so his children could be better educated. My mother did what she did so her child could have a better life. I’m from that, and that’s what I wanna present in all it’s beauty. I’ve always told my story in that way because I have integrity. I can’t answer in terms of why other rappers do it; I’m just gonna say I don’t lie to my audience. I just think the true stories, the ones with all of our complexities, make better movies and songs. I would’ve loved to hear a Port of Miami where a guy gets fired from his job as a C.O. and goes on to some dirt. But for everybody who’s judging him now, understand that his next album is called Deeper Than Rap. We are politicians; he can spin this into something bigger. Now that the truth is told, what good is gonna come out of the truth?

I can't say I fully agree with you Mike I think his credibility is shot, he will have to make some incredible music for us to forget about this, similar to how Lil Wayne made everyone forget all about him and Baby lip locking sessions.

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