Koch Records Is Not A Grave Yard

Posted on February 27, 2007

[MEDIA=14]Sorry I didn't get the last 30 seconds of the clip but you get the picture.

50 Cent says that Koch records is a grave yard, I beg to differ.

I think all you rappers need to stop looking for these major record labels to lend you a helping hand and start looking into building your own music careers independently. You may not sell millions but the great thing about it is that you don't have to. Independently you can make up to 7 dollars per record as oppose to a major label that pays an average artists 70 – 80 cents per record.

Major record labels provide all the marketing dollars for you music videos, apperances, production etc, which is why you get paid so little. We all can't be 50 Cent and 20 million records.

Koch Records and other independent record companies simply provide you with the distribution, you handle all the marketing and promotion. You will have to spend your own money instead of the label's but you do get 7 dollars a record which in reality is around 4 – 5 dollars after expenses for promoting your album.

It's not hard to sell 100,000 Cd's with a good marketing plan and definitely a street buzz. There is so many artist out there that have a crazy buzz on mix tapes and could be doing very well right now independently. If you can manage to create a big buzz on the mix tape scene, get some features on the big name DJ play lists (Kay Slay, Funk Flex, Whoo Kid , Cipha Sounds etc.) and get a few spins on the radio then your good to go.

If your really serious about making it in this music and major labels are not looking your way, handle your own business and go independent, it's allot more work but it pays off in the end, you have no boss and you own your masters (thats BIG).

P.S. If CNBC is talkin about Koch Records it can't be that much of a grave yard.

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