Lexilex Reviews: Thr33 Rings

Posted on December 5, 2008

Since the very beginning, T-Pain has brought forward a new sound to the dull and dry music scene. Even with his very infamous computerized voice, a.k.a. the auto tune, T-Pain’s lyrical abilities have continued to demonstrate his talents proving that he is meant to be within this industry; which is why he’s working on his third studio album Thr33 Rings.

With songs such as “Chopped and Screwed”, T-Pain continues to highlight real life situations that most men go through. As he continues to illustrate the average night life within the strip club with songs such as “Can’t Believe It”, T-Pain also demonstrates that he is able to poke fun at himself and his auto-tune use on “Karaoke”. On “Change the World,” I am forced to remember why so many people could relate to him to begin with as he goes back to the state of mind he was on the first and second albums. However what most people fail to realize that T-Pain is not just a non-singing person who uses a machine to hit the notes that he cannot hit. He is very much as lyrical as he demonstrates his writings skills throughout the album.

Although T-Pain is all over the radio within any regions top ten spins of the day, T-Pain has earned his career as a musical legend within this industry. With all of the features that T-Pain does, I kind of expected for the album to be a little bit hotter than what it is but it is pretty good for what it is. Although many would disagree, T-Pain has earned his right to stay on the radio with his many miscellaneous accolades received throughout his short but legendary career. No, he might not be a Luther Vandross or R. Kelly but he has his very own unique style that is annoyingly duplicated but is nowhere near to the talents of the Ringleader Man.

I give this album three out of five stars.

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