Lexilex’s Daily Soap Dish Vol. 10: Snitches, b*tches, and Corny MOFOS!

Posted on October 23, 2007
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First of all, I’m baaaaaaack! I know I’ve been gone for a hot @$$ minute but I have a logical excuse for my absence (death in family, work, work, work, and more work) but needless to say – I’m back!

Snitches: At first, MySpace.com was the biggest snitch in cases involving ghetto baby mama’s who play inspector gadget with their cheating boyfriend’s MySpace pages but now Sandra Rose is being a big time snitch in the whole TI investigation. Basically, she’s saying on her website that the judge supposedly read her blog about the TI situation, got upset, and refused to let him out of jail – or something to that effect – and that an angry representative from Atlantic Records called her to ask her to quit blogging about the investigation because she’s tampering with evidence. Something to that effect. I quote:

Last Friday, I received a call from an Atlantic records exec who informed me that T.I.'s lawyers were discussing amongst themselves the fact that the judge read my blog and was “very angry” by what he read. The exec indicated that the judge may have been angry enough to alter his decision to release T.I. on house arrest last Friday. The exec asked me to “be more sensitive” about what I wrote regarding T.I.I agreed to comply with the record exec's request but later that same night I heard from two others in T.I.'s camp who said T.I.'s lawyers informed them that if T.I. isn't released this coming Friday it will be my fault. As ridiculous as that may sound, I'm taking this reckless innuendo seriously. I decided to post this for two reasons a) because I want this on record just in case, and b) because some people have a hard time accepting the fact that T.I. – not bloggers or the media – is responsible for his current situation.I don't believe for one minute that the judge reads Sandrarose.com. If I was T.I. I would be concerned about paying all that money to lawyers who would resort to these types of intimidation tactics. The attorneys need to be worried about their case and not about what some random blogger writes.

B*tches:Lil Wayne disses the kiddes in North Carolina by not showing up to a concert packed with 4,000 kids and then doesn’t even refund their money! I guess he needed it more than they did LOL. Somebody grab ya boy 50 Cent (who’s still being a sore loser now that he lost 2x’s to Kanye West who is certified 2xs platinum) who was on stage somewhere in America looking super GAY dancing to Kanye’s “Stronger” attempting to make a mockery of Ye but ended up embarrassing himself even more. (to see the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8Ey15rkQC0) Um. Anyways – to the b*tches that started the rumor talking about Jeezy was shot, you wish! My mans is alive and well cooking up more motivation for the wannabe’s – Speaking of wannabe’s word on the streets that Plies is a fony! Word on the streets in Florida is that he raps about his brother’s lifestyle and there was another Florida rapper (whom I’ve interviewed recently) that helped exposed him even more than the “real goons” down in Florida. LOL. When will they ever stop? In ATL the word on the streets is that Bad Boy’s Loon has some ugly beef on his hands… all I gotta say is Vaseline and saran wrap pretty boy! LOL And finally, will somebody tell Khia to shut the hell up! She makes a career off of hating on other people but now she’s taken it too far. She’s saying TI copied her by saying “do it” in “Big S**t Poppin’” because she was saying “I do it” in her song “Hater Walk”. WTF? It’s one thing to hate on Jacki-O, Trina, and even Lil’ Wayne but this cookie monster is just outta control this time around. Just stop! Solange was out with her son this weekend looking great!

Cornball @$$ mofos: Ludacris was spotted out this weekend with his new boo overseas. He was the opening act for Beyoncè’s concert in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the annoying Gabrielle Union. YES! Former 106 & Park host Free was spotted out this weekend. I almost forgot who she was but good news for her, she’s been booked to host the Dirty Awards in Atlanta coming up in November – not really a BIG deal!

JUST WHY?Why in the hell do we BLACK PEOPLE have an award show called The Hoodie Awards? JUST WHY? And why do the cateogories consist of “The best chicken spot?” What the damn! And WHY did Kelly Rowland’s label THINK she had the ability to go on tour after NOBODY hardly bought that last album. Needless to say, they’re going to ABORT her North American aspect of her tour. R&B mishap Letoya Luckett is back in the studio working on a sophomore album yet entitled. She has a new single called “Swagger” that’s supposed to be something. What that is, I don’t know! Cheri Dennis is also trying to do something, again. Um. For???? Apparently Yung Joc & Gorilla Zoe are the new tag team. Why? I mean, I’ve interviewed them both and their cool peoples but the collaborations should have ended at The Coffee Shop. Diddy’s mama is still looking a plum fool so why she had the audacity to show up to her son’s women’s clothing line launching party looking a HOT A*S MESS I don’t know but she’s been embarrassing him for years… at some point in time, he’ll quit inviting her a*s until she gets a REAL stylist. Hot damn! Nas is firing back to the critics (and Rev. Al Sharpton) for his new album called “N****R” – why? How many people use the word subconsciously on a day-to-day basis? If he wants to exhibit the word N****R and show why or why not is a n****r let ‘em do it. Like Mo’Nique say, “LOOK AT THAT N****R! He’s on top of the world!” Speaking of rap, why is Brittany Spears baby daddy’s ex-girlfriend and former first baby mama Shar Jackson trying to start up a rap career? Um. WHY! Fantasia – as known as big lips in the business – is ‘posed to be dating Young Dro. I’m sorry, I can’t hold it in LOL! Just why?! Lastly, Foxy Brown got some trashed called singles released. No me gusta!

RIP: You might have remembered her from Lyfe’s “S.E.X” – Yolanda “Lala” Brown was found dead in a Milwalkee studio with her boyfriend over the weekend. They had been shot and dead for over a day before they were found. She leaves a daughter behind.

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