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Posted on August 29, 2007
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I don’t know what in the hell is going on with athletes these days, but it’s been mad chaos going on in the world of the National Football league, beginning with the most obvious case with Mike Vick. Is it just me or does everybody all of a suddenly mysteriously becomes struck with a case of “I love Jesus” syndrome whenever they face legal troubles in America? Speaking of legal drama and dead dogs, DMX’s house in Arizona was raided the other day… they found dead dogs and illegal drugs that have yet to be disclosed, some believe it was meth. Poor DMX. Some n****s just don’t know how to stay outta jail…. And off drugs.

Anywho – I can tell you all who needs Jesus, Denver Bronco’s Travis Henry. This man has a $25M contract with the NFL but is crying that he can’t pay the child support needed for his NINE children that he has fathered by NINE different women. Can you say, WTF? At some point after three, this man should have at least considered A condom JUST ONCE or TWICE wouldn’t you think? Speaking of people using a LACK of condoms or thereof, it is rumored that Nelly has fathered a child with a stripper from Atlanta’s notorious “Strokers” nightclub. She goes by the name of Precious and she’s somewhere around four months along. Apparently, everyone knows that it’s not a big secret that Precious was Nelly’s favorite stripper so this rumor is said to be highly believable. On the flip side, most of you may be wondering where Ashanti is, well it is rumored that the couple has been separated for quiet sometime now and that they haven’t made their split public. Um… I wonder if that has been going on for the past FOUR months that Ms. Precious been telling everybody about her baby daddy with a smile on her face??? Speaking of Ashanti, she’s been telling the paparazzi to NOT photograph her because of her weight issues… don’t tell me she’s doing another Trina!

Anyways, another NFL player was charged with stabling a man outside of a Manhattan nightspot on Monday. Houston Rockets guard Rafer Alston was released without bail today after his arrest on Monday. Alston, 31, is out on felony charges after apparently cutting the man on his neck…. Ouch. Isn’t that attempted murder? Just asking!… besides, this is his 2nd brush in with the law… he was held in contempt earlier this month for beating up somebody else… I think he definitely needs anger management classes to help resolve his issues. He’s definitely too old to be having a temper tandrum! Speaking of childlike acting individuals, Foxy Brown was denied early release from jail. Poor Foxy! (Whomp Whomp!) She’ll be spending the rest of her first trimester in jail. She won’t be elgible for release until her Sept. 7th court date.
Speaking of women of rage, Remy Ma’s camp is reporting that her long time friend and associate (that was shot by Remy) is NOT on bedrest nor walking on a cain. The pictures are said to be on the net but, I’ve yet to see them.

Another NFL player abandoned his car after a car accident early Monday morning. Chicago Bears Lance Briggs said he panicked and reported his car stolen after the crash. First, he called a tow truck to remove his vehicle but then had a change of heart and contacted the police to report his behavior. It’s unclear if he hurt anyone or if he’ll face charges for filing a false police report.

Unfortunately, Luda is back on the XM airwaves. I’m sorry, but my mans needs to stick to acting since his credibility as an artist is taking an abrupt turn for LAME. Speaking of people that I wish would just have a f*****g seat, Tupac’s mama has a movie coming out about her life… why?

In case you care, Wendy Williams is scheduled to release a film about her life in 2008. Robyn Givens will play the former crack head… (like in real life, Wendy was) – speaking of people on something, REMY MA finally dyed her damn bangs black! Thank you Jesus, HALLIJUAH! Somebody finally told home girl that s**t was not cute…looking like a poodle!

Also, Solange Knowles finally got a publishing deal with EMI. In case you’re wondering why, she’s part writer of many DC3 songs and Beyonce hits such as “Upgrade U” and “Get me Bodied”. Good for Solange…. She’s finally getting her OWN shine.

I heard the new Alicia Keys single, “No one,” to be featured on her THIRD studio album. I’m not sure if I’m feeling it yet. Speaking of albums to be released, Young Joc’s Hustlenomics hits stores tomorrow… not sure if I want that yet either… I really don’t know how I feel about supporting Block Entertainment anymore after they had me waiting all day for an interview that they never had the decency to call and reschedule BUT THAT’S A DIFFERENT STORY! Speaking of music, the media attacks the song READ A BOOK… shoulda known good ol’ Jessie Jackson would have something to say about it. If you’re not that political, check out this segment where the Get Fresh Crew and I listen discuss why the song is needed: [MEDIA=44]

But as always, ending on a more positive note…send your prayers out to Toni Braxton who has been reportedly diagnosed with breast cancer.

Aiight ya'll… you are officially in the LOOP. Get fresh!!!

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