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Posted on August 30, 2007
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Wasn’t much going on yesterday in the world of entertainment… but Polow Da Don has really pissed me off… he responded to the controversy surrounding his statements saying: “n****s and b*****s got mad”. This is what was said.
AllHipHop.com: So do you stand by your statements?

Polow Da Don: Oh definitely. It has nothing to do with me, these effects. I didn’t make this stuff up. Only thing where people got misled is that I said I prefer a White woman, and that’s not the case at all. Really, I date all types of women. It was a stage in my life when I started dating a lot of White women- that was just a stage in my life. Right now, I date girls I like. I don’t base it off of any shade or color when I meet a girl now. They linked my comments about the Black family and Black women with the “King of the White Girls” and [the fact that] I dated White girls. That’s where it all went wrong. So when I was comparing Black women to White women, that has zero to do with me dating White women. What I was saying was factual though. Ladies and gentlemen agreed, n****s and b******s got mad.

Whatever. Black people got mad. Not n****s and b*****s… it’s not about what was said, it was how it was said, and furthermore, he continued to feed into those flipping stereotypes that white people are superior to Black people. What a sell out withcha Black A*s! Next thing you know, he’ll have the Michael Jackson syndrome – the “I ain’t really black” syndrome. Watch. I just feel like all he had to say in the first place that he had a preference for white women. He didn't even have to try to “spit knowledge” by comparing and contrasting black women to white women. How does he know that his statements weren't just um… defected by a bunch of buckethead girls and bad experiences? I don't care what he says, he's still black, his mama still black, and his babies still going to be black. He better learn how to respect black women- the other 50% of the black community. Busta.

Toni Braxton has clarified the rumors that she doesn’t have breast cancer. Where that rumor came from, I don’t know BUT it was even reported within creditable news wiring services… strange…

Federal officials have finally figured out what that unknown substance was in DMX’s house (from the raid conducted a few days ago in his Arizona home), thank God, it’s not meth but they still aren’t sure what the chalk-like substance is/was.

As if we need another stupid reality show, MTV decides that it wants to give one to Paul Wall and Tone Loc. The TV show is designed to make a rap superstar or something like that. Um. Lol. Why???? But it should be a good show with other Hip-Hop artist being featured throughout the season…. Interesting…

Speaking of interested, Kanye West admitted that last week’s Scream-Fest fiasco didn’t go as planned. “It would have been better if it were just Jay and I” he said. Remember, by the end of the show 50 cent,T.I., Diddy, Swiss, and Kanye all ended up on the stage together. I would pay money to see that, I bet it was bananas…

Although you DON’T care, Ja Rule has a new single called, “Body” with Ashley Joi. The video is about to be getting on your nerves soon… Mariah Carey is naked on the cover of Interview Magazine. Why? Isn’t she about 50? Lol. I’m just saying….

Why this was even newsworthy, I don’t know but Allen Iverson’s step dad was indicted on drug charges in Virginia. Woooooo. Next week, they’ll be saying, AI has been pumpin’ drugs. Next month, he’ll be in rehabilitation. You know how the news world goes…. Lol…

On top of the charts this week is Talib Kweli and Swiss Beats… Not #1 but they’re in the top 10. Good ish.

Poor Foxy, she’s been isolated from everyone and has been rejected for early release. This is bad, not for fox, but for her weave because inmates surrounding her cell has said that all she does is read the bible and complain how terrible her weave looks as it’s falling apart. When not doing either or she’s asleep, must be the blues of pregnancy or bordem. Too bad she’ll be spending her birthday in the slammer.

Finally, we’ll all see how this all plays out. Lil’ Wayne has been sued for $1M dollars after a teen has accused Weezy F. Baby of being responsible for her being trampled at a concert but my opinion is – she should have just moved. That’s not $1M worth of damage. Sorry.

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