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Posted on September 6, 2007
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I go to Atlanta to attend BloodRaw’s DJ/Media Appreciation party, and come back to all kinds of s**t hitting the fan… (but much love goes to CTE – had a flippin ball)

DRAMA IN PARADISE – DJ Drama speaks on Lil’ Wayne in an interview with HipHopDX.com here’s what he said…

HipHopDX: Speaking of Wayne, shortly after the raid, there was an interview with MTV News where he said that you and other mixtape DJs had to “smarten up,” “play the game fair,” and to look at DJ Clue and Khaled as examples. A lot of people looked at those comments as disrespectful; have you spoken to him since then?
DJ Drama
: Yeah, it was fucked up. To be honest, he’s never really spoken to me about that, we’ve spoken about some other things. That’s a tough one, in a lot of ways. I’m going to say first and foremost, I respect Lil Wayne, and when it comes to that microphone and what he does in that booth, the boy’s a problem. He’s on top of his game, I will never take that from him. But when the raid happened, and he made those comments to MTV, it was a stab in my back. One, because, I just felt like if anything, that was a time I needed all the support that I could get. There’s no denying the impact that the mixtapes that I did had on where he’s at today. Everyone knows how big Dedication and Dedication 2 are, so I was real offended by that, I didn’t think it was a good move on his part. But on another note, Wayne had definitely come through for me on my album, so I can’t just write a n***a off like that, I’m not that type of dude. I had issues with that, as did a lot of people, because a lot of people knew the impact I had on his career, there’s no denying that. Lil Wayne was definitely here before me, but n****s will tell you that they ride more to Dedication 2 than the Carters. Especially in a situation where…loyalty’s a lot, man. And when Wayne had those problems with Gillie, I made a decision on my own based on the work that me and Wayne had did when the n***a was tearing his a*s. And for someone to turn around when I was at my low point, and say, “You need to do it right like Khaled and Clue?” OK, that’s what’s up, dog.HipHopDX: What has it been like for you to see him blow up the way he has?
DJ Drama
: Oh I love it. That’s the type of n***a I am; I do me. My team is my n****s, that’s who I talk to day to day. At the end of the day, I’m a fan of this music. So I can separate my friendships from what this music s**t is. Lil Wayne is one of the hottest n****s out, and I would never take that from him. That’s what I was so excited to work with him in the first place. He’s got a banger on my album that’s f*****g crazy. I don’t have bitter or ill feelings toward the man; he’s good at what he does, the same way I’m good at what I do. I’m a positive person, and I’m sure we can get past this, because just as the world would, I’d love to see a Dedication 3.

…. Um… sounds kinda fucked up to me considering Drama did help the brother out… (amongst the likes of other rappers)

CONFIRM WHAT YA HEARD – the beautiful and talented Oscar Winning Actress Halle Berry confirmed her pregnancy. Sorry fellas, she’s very excited and is very happy about the arrivial of her baby in three months. Her boyfriend Gabriel is her baby father. Awww…

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Comedian Eddie Griffin’s microphone has been cut due to using the word “n***a” during a show hosted by Black Entertainment Magazine, which was attended by people who are opposed to the N-Word to begin with. If you bought the new Apple IPhone at the debut price, yo a*s is about to be mad as Apple announced that they’ll be cutting the price with the debut of the new Ipod. Haha… lol. Sorry. I know someone who got that phone and they’ve been broke since they bought it, YA DAMN DUMMY!

AWWW DAMN! – In other Awww news, Shaq filed for divorce from his wife … looks like she’s fucked because Shaq is giving the judge more than a FEW reasons as to why she doesn’t deserve to be entitled to any of his possessions. He blames the divorce on some secret investments, property, and companies. Ummmm… Kanye West is GQ’s man of the year. Congrats!! Usher is putting his Atlanta home up for sale, if you have $1.9M dollars, you can have it. It’s been on MTV’s cribs and once belonged to L.A. Reid.

WHO CARES FOR WHAT? – Kim Porter is blaming her break-up with Diddy on some type of secret betrayal in this month’s Essence magazine… Mind you, Diddy has other kids outside of his intensive relationship with Kim, but now she’s saying it’s another child in Atlanta that has played a major part in her making her decision to leave Diddy alone… um…. Whatever! Tracy Morgan’s wife is also filing for divorce after TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. WTF? But, finally after being high school sweethearts and three kids later, home girl said she’s done with the alcohol abuse and infidelity. Gone girl! B5 has a new album out on 9/11 (same day as Kanye & 50) for what? But I heard it was HOT. Young Joc’s sophomore album Hustlenomics debut at #3, while T.I. is still hanging in there (get it Tip) and white girl Fergie is still in there too… good s**t. Trick Daddy’s lil’ brother Soup is featured on F**k The Other Side – too bad he’s in jail right now because the track is really hot down in Miami right now. Boyz-II-Men has a new album dropping… why? I swear I forgot about them until today! BUT they are paying homage to MoTown with this album…. Anyyyyways… I know ya’ll folks can’t get enough on Tupac (but I can) and his mama is getting sued for clothing line copy infringement by Marco Bellini “MB”. Ludacris is talking s**t about TI again on 50’s “I get money” the remix… for what? Damn! Maxwell has a new album dropping… whoooo???

I DON’T WANNA HEAR ABOUT THIS ANYMORE UNTIL ITS OVER WITH – R. Kelly’s trial has been pushed back until Spring 08. Now… by now surely the statue of limitations is up right??? DAMN already! Busta Rhymes assault trial delayed again. Sorry 50 fans, a lot of DJs are declaring Kanye’s album as being the HOTTEST album of all time so maybe now 50 can sit down some place and stop wasting folks time promoting that mediocre a*s album (or so I heard).

NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE – but who really cares that Irv Gotti was f*****g Ashanti when she was both hot and popular. Usher & Tameka are finally married. Damn. (lol) now, I don’t want to hear anymore about them! And really, why is Swiss Beats trying to find an excuse for his poor record sales… I keep telling you, this dude is NOT a rapper… accept it…stick to producing although “Money in the Bank” and “It’s me b*****s” is hot, unfortunately YOUR NOT … (lyrically).

I KNOW ITS OLD BUT – Happy 26th Birthday Beyoncè (Sept. 4th) , I didn’t forget to shout you out, I was just not here to do so.

Get Fresh.

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