LexiLex’s Daily Soap Dish Vol. 5: NO GET OUT OF JAIL CARD FOR YOU!

I HAVE NO SYMPATHY – If you’ve been waiting for Foxy Brown to be released from jail, you’re dreams have been denied! That’s right ya’ll, Foxy has been denied her release from jail while carrying her first child –that might be born in jail –since she’s been sentenced to a year in jail. Unfortunately for Foxy, the judge said her plea for change “is a little too late”.

WILL YOU QUIT ALREADY? – Ugh. I’m so sick of hearing about this and most importantly talking about it, but since it’s like the biggest day in rap history it’s kind of a big deal. Well… Kanye West has reportedly accepted 50 cents’ “battle” to appear on BET’s 106 & Park on Sept. 11th, the day both albums will debut in stores to battle out the best rapper a live syndrome. Umph… I told ya’ll DJs are already saying that Ye has won this one… but just for the amusement of it all, I’d let 50 embarrass himself on NATIONAL TV so maybe he can go somewhere and sit the f*** down! Mind you, I like 50, but I just feel like he’s not competition anymore considering that he’s watered his style down 100% while Kanye has increased his by 100%. Speaking of 50, Tony Yayo’s lawyer has obtained a witness who is willing to testify that he is innocent to the assault of the son of Jimmy Henchman. Bill O’Reilly is being hated again, this time by Nas as he stated publically to MTV that O’Reilly is a racist… um… this isn’t new but Nas will be performing at Virginia Tech! —Developing — Speaking of drama, Bob Marley’s family is suing Verizon & Universal Records Music group for selling Bob Marley ringtones… Again, Swiss is still mad about his poor record sales, this time saying “Talib sold more than me without a hit single,” – which proves my point!

IT’S WRITTEN IN STONE – Jamie Fox will be receiving the 2,347th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sidewalk next week (Sept. 14th) in Hollywood.

CRACK IS WACK – Well, that’s what Diddy is saying as he is denying the allegations of him buying illegal drugs over in Ibiza. Apparently, someone has some footage and is circulating it on YouTube.com but Diddy is saying “THAT IS NOT ME”…. Which is the same thing Bill said about Monica which turned out to be T R U E!

WHAT THE F*** – Now, I never heard of Dipset’s JR until today but this man has apparently signed a multi-million dollar deal with another independent label. Now, this is nuts to me because if I never heard of him why is he worth so much money?

HOT SH*T – T.I. and Ciara have a song called, “Goodbye, My dear”… I’m not sure how I feel about Ciara’s verse but ya’ll know I LOVE T.I. so of course I am loving his verse but unlike Nelly, TI does not have a musical voice or singing capabilities but it is a good try TIP just don’t do it EVER AGAIN! – Mya has a new video called “Ridin”.

AS IF YOU SHOULD CARE – Jay-Z told the press the other day that he and Beyoncè should be getting married soon. “sooner than later” he said actually… but I believe he did say that years ago and they’re still not married so…. We’ll see…

Check out this video from Bloodraw http://www.youtube.com/v/sd3JvfOk2iI


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