LexiLex’s Daily Soap Dish Vol. 6: Kanye the CRY BABY!

Posted on September 11, 2007
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WHAT THE EFF! – If you haven't heard by now, Kanye West has been reported as having another fit because he didn't win a MTV award last night. I don't know why he felt the need to feel so upset because it's my personal opinion that the MTV Awards has declined in value….besides does anybody still watch that show anymore? If you did waste 2hrs of your life, the highlight of the entire show was Brittany Spears trying to make a come back…*crickets* And for those who say that black people don't know how to act, check out the Kid Rock fight at the MTV awards with Tommy Lee. The only reason why he received a “citation” is because he's white; otherwise, he would'a been in jail!

AWWW PO BABY – Kim Portertells Essence Magazine all about her departure from Diddy in an upcoming issue, as a woman, I had to feel her and respect her, it's an interesting read. But with all honesty, how long were they together and his sh*t still wasn't together?? Something should have told her BEFORE them twins his @$$ wasn't about the right and left him long ago…. poor thing! I kind of feel sorry for her being a new mommy with twins but in all reality, women been doing the s**t for years. She gets NO sympathy!

LORD WHY? – Why does Ike Turnerhave a reality show coming out? Supposedly, it's to highlight his abusive relationship with his 2nd ex-wife Audre Madison who said Ike tried to kill her over some prescription pills… Um, hello boo! Didn't you see WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? THAT MAN IS PSYCHO! He'll beat your @$$ in a heartbeat… WTF? DUMMY. I have no sympathy! Furthermore, actress/model Kenya Mooreis releasing a book trying to teach men how to get some “game”. Um… why? Who are you? First of all….. and why should I give you my money… this is a no-brainer book. What you want ain't the same for all women pooh-pooh but nice try for a quick scheme on some funds. Speaking of broke @$$ people, Project Pat is releasing a new CD called, “Walkin' Bank Roll”…. he must need some new bail money.

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