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Posted on December 30, 2007
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So Ciara and Chingy are in the news together and it’s not because of creating music – well not really but the word is that Chingy and Ciara were creating their own musical harmonies on tape and now there is supposedly an extortion to get a couple of thousands out of her… um… boo! If it is true, I can’t believe that Ciara would have stooped so low and reduce herself down to Chingy. I guess this alleged s*x tape is to help dismiss the rumors of his homosexuality but as I see it, it’s a helluva lot of down low brothers all over the world, and he could just very well be one of them in my eyes. Nothing about him seems hetero to me. I’m just saying…As reported yesterday, word on the streets is that DJ Clue is gay and that there is an alleged s*x tape between him and another man.

I don’t understand why these celebrities are so stupid and think it’s acceptable to have s*x with other people on tape, but in my opinion, that’s what they get. QUIT f*****g ON FILM! It has been revealed that Pimp C did die of natural causes but what technically are natural causes? I mean, drugs can cause heart attacks too you know and if your heart stops is that natural cause? I’m just asking…Diddy is getting a star on the Walk of Fame and I’m so opposed to that. I don’t see what Diddy has done that is so good that somebody in Hollywood thought me that he deserved a star but I say demand a recount. To me, he hasn’t done anything but rip people off and show people how to be unoriginal by sampling music his whole career. I mean I love him but I just don’t think that he needs a star just yet. I read the Young Jeezy article in the January issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine. I heart him now. I totally ignored the Vivica A. Fox article – she looks like a manikin on the cover. She definitely has too much plastic surgery. I totally skimmed over the Karrine Steffans article to find that she has claimed that her love life with yet ANOTHER MAN is so scary that it’s so real, CHILD BOO! She’s said that about every man she’s sexed. Whatever happened to Bill Maur, Lil’ Wayne, and everybody else in America? I’m just saying… I’ve heard that BEFORE time and time again. I heard Nate Dog had a stroke and is recovering. Is it just me or does anybody else Ciara bought Bow Wow those diamond chains that he wears around his neck? I mean, after all, he DID say a girl bought them for him on his reality show, Road to Platinum. And is it just me or does he stands beside himself all the time snapping off on people like he’s not every bit of 4’11(lol). I like Bow Wow but I’m just saying, is it just me or did he just realize that he’ll always be LIL BOW WOW to the world? Yung Joc is blaming the media for his stupidity with trying to take a gun on a air plane – that’s pure comedy within itself. Trina shot her video for Single Again, look for me in the video in the wedding scene (lol). I love the record (although many do not), I’m excited about the album, and I can’t wait for more singles to come. Speaking of female rappers, Lil’ Kim is spitting bullets at Remy Ma on her mix tape Ms. GOAT. Rihanna is 2007’s “IT” girl, I love her. She’s come a long way, her style is fabulous and I’m just waiting to see what’s next for her. Lauren London and I agree when we say no more reality shows in 2008. Is it just me or do I wish that Wendy Williams gets a new weave in 2008, I mean home girl has mad cash in the stash, why wear synthetic weaves still? And if she can’t afford it, I’m sure you can pawn some of that jewelry that she wore to her party this weekend in New York. Now that’s what I heard what’s happening in Hollywood and Bollywood! Check me out on myspace.com/Lexilex

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