Lexilex’s “I HEARD THAT”: Record Sales are in the $hit Bowl!

Posted on December 28, 2007
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When I say Chingy, you say FLOPPED! That’s right ya’ll! Your boy Chingy set a new record in the world of Hip-Hop by debuting at an all time low of #84 on the charts by selling a little over 31K records last week. Brandy is thanking God that she’s been freed of vehicular manslaughter. Brandy’s lawyer says that the woman who passed in the accident is at fault since she hit another car, was sideswiped, and subsequently Brandy hit her for slamming on brakes on the California freeway.  Even Lupe Fiasco came in at #15 whereas Mary J. came in at #3 and Alicia Keys still dominates the charts with that damn catchy song of hers…  Jay-Z’s 40-40 club in Los Vegas failed its inspection… Justine & Rev. Run just adopted a baby girl…  According to sources, Ms. Beyoncè Knowles is giving us the break that we’ve been so patiently waiting for in 2008. The grapevine is telling me that Ms. Bee is simply tired and there will not be a Destiny’s Child reunion in ’08 – which we already knew. Images of Nas’ upcoming album are surfing the internet and I must say, I’d rather take an educated n****r over a dumb n****r any day so kudos to Nas – good s**t, I likes it. The only dummy in America who seems to believe that Eddie Murphy is not gay is none other than Tracey Edmonds who seems to think it’s acceptable to marry him this weekend, or so I HEARD. On the topic of confused men, I heard that DJ Clue might be gay too. Speaking of not being in the loop, word is Snoop has a secret son that’s about nine years old and refuses to be on TV with his dad because he wants to be a ball player instead. Who really cares? As if you remember this dude, but Yung Berg was locked up in a Miami jail cell for smoking weed. And last but not least Andre 3000 has a clothing line dropping… not sure who’d wear it but maybe it’s a style that the Emo kids will pick up?

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