Lil Wayne Pushes Back The Release Of “Dedication 5”

Posted on September 1, 2013
Lil Wanye - Dedication 5

So obviously by now you've realized that Dedication 5 is now 2 days past due, we know Lil isn't very solid with his release dates. His Tha Carter IV album was released four months later after it's original release date.

This is why it's not that surprising that the release date announcement of his 5th installation into the legendary Dedication mixtape with DJ Drama, wasn't set in stone.

Lil Wayne Delays ‘Dedication 5? Release

Being that Weezy fans were running around web hoping to find the album in some secret part of the internet that nobody knows about, maybe Wayne uploaded it himself; maybe he messed up, we know he can't use a computer.

To calm everyone down, Wayne's camp released an official statement as to what's the hold up with the D5 release.

The release of Dedication 5 has been temporarily postponed for a short period while Wayne puts finishing touches on it – including another new song. Stay tuned for an update.

Before Weezy took the stage in for a concert in Concord, California, he too also let fans know via a tweet that the delay would not be too much longer.

“I’m turning d5 in to drama when I get off stage. Had a few new entries at the last minute that’s too dope to miss da tape gimme a min.”

Later on after the show, Wayne once again confirmed that the wait won't be much longer.

“It’s being sent to drama now. It’s officially left my possession!! I hope y’all luv dat b!t>h. D5! It’s for y’all. As always.”

So What's the Official Lil Wayne “Dedication 5” Release Date?

No one knows, for all we know it could be getting uploaded as I'm writing this right now. One thing is for sure though, now we want to hear it even more.

Especially since he said he added new stuff to the project, and I don't know why but I feel like he might have a Kendrick Lamar response on there.

We can dream right?

Be on the look for the tape though on our sister site

Lil Wayne “Dedication 5” Trailer

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