Lil Wayne Wearing Girl Pants (Parody)

Posted on September 15, 2011
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Oh man, just when I’d forgotten about Lil Wayne wearing girl pants, it comes right back after I saw this video parody where Lil Wayne explains why he was wearing women’s pants at the VMA’s in this interview, it’s funny s**t. Created By Hood Raven Entertainment.

The brand that Lil Wayne is so strong that he can get away with anything, I remember telling my home girl about it and her response was “So what? He’s Lil Wayne, he’s hot, he can do that” What? Why can he do that? So basically once the women love you, your solid no matter what. Even if you kiss another man in the mouth, don’t even let me relapse on that fuckry.

Either way, we’re all still bumping his now platinum in 2 weeks album…Shame on us! LoL…

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    bro wtf every one does it chill is not gay


    Thas basicly wut skinnyz r iz female clothes. Lol. I dnt understant why guyz wud wanna wear feminan clothes ne how. Lol. Crossdressin fuks.


    Sad part is, its like saying being gay or a transvestite is acceptable smh. look at what are contry is reduced to.