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Posted on November 22, 2006

The Ballin remix by Jim Jones ft: TI, Young Dro and Bird Man is killing the streets right now, It has become the theme song of this year, and has definitely placed Jim Jones in the league of hit makers. With this first single being this big everyone is waiting to see if he can out do himself or will he fold under pressure, which might explain why he has decided to come at Jay-z (at this specific time) who is far a head of him as far has hip hop achievements are concerned, not to mention fans, and money but that's another subject. This beef that goes all the back to the original Rocafella records has finally made it to the mainstream and it could be a good thing for Jones who has allot to gain by going up against the best rapper alive. Jay on the other hand has nothing to gain by going at Jones and has allot to loose, but if Nas's Ether couldn't stop him, what exactly can Jones Possibly say to really affect Jay (realistically). Lets watch out in the near future for many diss records from both sides, maybe even a diss from both Nas and Jigga on the same track (BIG), but you did not hear that from me. I feel the Diplomats but I was the Roc first (Hov 4 life), But for now we are gonna to continue to ball out with the Ballin remix which is also the the New York Giants new theme song, they have not lost a game since…….Baaaaaallin.
listen to Jim Jones ballin remix free

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