coKane – So High (No Lie Remix)

Posted on January 22, 2013

(Verse 1)

I am smoking spidermans b***h
im kobe with the blunt
i dont need to pass
i dont need a skateboard to stunt
let me make this s**t last
bottom of my shoes clean
but i still run s**t
flow is just to mean
punchlines legit, time to go and get wasted
but the moment im never wasting
im just tasting
fine wines
way to late you n****s its your bed time
damn we so high
we so damn high
im the type to look down on the sky
the chosen one
and marry i choose you
now tell jane to come through
shooter leave a whole in your b***h
i guess she wearin see through


Yea we smoking at this party
got these girls all acting naughty
now the clothes fallin off her body
so high
so high
so hiiiiiiiiigh 2x
in hale then exhale 4x
[email protected] got that good, down to smoke it all
we so high
so high

(Verse 2)

Hollow Flow and coKane you want the best well here it is
codiene in my sierra mist
my therapist
is sayin s**t
but im just way to faded
just way to faded
i dont want to say s**t now
smoking while im rappin
smoking while im trappin
re up then move it all
get my stacks tall
and hit the mall
now who wants to test
like i said we the best
no peace for these rappers
might as well get your rest
your career is dead
break bread
no crumbs
no sticks
no seeds
straight green
thats what i need
shoutout to them smokers
shoutout to them drinkers
pull up to the scene with my ceiling missing
my neck piece be the blinker


As im rapped up in this high
i look up to the sky
feelin the clouds are beneath me
out of the corner of my eye
it comes as a surprise
that the beauty of the world seems
real to me
my questions have been answered
i see now, i dont have a care in the world
leave me be now
smoking till im senial
clean up on ile, 9
clouds all over the floor
this feeling cant be ignored
cant be bought in stores
yep, smoking for sure
it dont matter if its a roach we hittin it some more
till we, so high
so high
so high, so high

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