Posted on November 9, 2012

J.Hall Verse 1
I can give you more than 25 reasons why I’m still in love/wasn’t looking around but somehow I found you/Baby, Im here to stay/ aint no way I will ever leave you, I know you feel the same/Cause you give me all the reason to be and I love it when you just
Hold me, Hold me, Hold me never let me go (2x)
J.Hall Verse 2
This is true love for sure/all my life I been waiting for someone like you/and I’m so glad you’re mine/I appreciate you so let your lady cater 2 you/you deserve every good thang, boy we got a good thang/So imma show you how much I love ya/promise me that you’ll always hold me/in your arms never let me go
Hold tight don’t cry tonight/Bang Bang dynamite/ call up my pilot that is if you feel like flying tonight/Anything you feel like trying tonight?/wife you up I just might yea you heard right/wish you would like termites/homerun don’t wanna first strike/not even having our first fight/fell in love when I caught first sight/hold my babe yes sir that’s right/caressing enough stressing/come closer less distance/need me be there in an instant/call me when you need that bizness/got my suitcase with your cute face/what do you say?/well that’s what I’ll do today/love in the air why they tryna fumigate/ I’m the man girlfriend that’s what you can say/have you coming back boomerang/when you blew a kiss I just blew away

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