Jack Da Union – Greeze Grizzle and Gas

Posted on October 26, 2012

Intro “Ayo its for D kizzle yeah, your brother and cuzzy on a track bruv

While your chilling at the party, its me and little t this aint a tea party/
its more like rock and the heavy metal, we used to distribute rock with the heavy metal/
at our side its black or its chrome with our hands down our pants cos we hold our own/
so f*****g persistent wont leave you alone and we act the same if we leave you a loan/
this aint a bank you need to show interest in paying back the loan plus intrest/
cos if i invest i expect the money back at my behest or you in vest (bullet proof)/
invest in straps also cos there no point protecting your torso/
yeah b k im a have it my way cos i aim for the head like foreplay

Intro ungh ungh little t, jack, d kilo, ep, they screaming who me, stressed, say nothing

Verse 2
stressed out so my raps stay blatent i wanna clap but i gotta be patient if not its dead or the station/
dog i gotta think fast i see friends snaking, state no name stay ahead of the game/
they say they wan' pepper me but they jus pepper my name bad boy!/
doggy doggy you better watch what you doing your eyes are too big for your belly watch what your chewing/
respect yeah you should show dat or expect to get your wig blown back
f**k a younger dog i hold my own strap and im good anywhere i make my own trap/
cos how you gonna beef with no money you gotta gun with no teeth your so cruddy/
i laugh at you niggers begging o's off me running round town telling niggers your shotting for t/
who me?

Intro hahahahahahaha they crazy crazy, kilo, ok, get ready for this one innit its just plain and simple uh

Verse 3
i heard your life's what you make it wanna see me vex i might take it/
ungh i stack chips and theres none for you while im repping on my own god bless my crew/
gatlings snap dem backs in two torsos i got shells for your friends and co's/
im not nice im nasty never put it past me double bags i dead a head just ask me/
this is from the top of the dome i bring the chrome to your home catch you home all alone
like macauley culkin i aint doting i dont need to grab a kid and choke him/
more time im grinding with the dust tina into slabs turner into bags/
what you know about the code talk if you dont understand reload, just take a walk.

About: Openly describing his music as "rap over hip hop production an underground street essence with a twist of intellectuality expressed.......read more about: jackdaunion
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