Lil Wayne – Novacane Lyrics

Posted on August 29, 2011

Raindrops from the clouds
Sun lights up the sky
Hummingbirds do fly

[Lil Wayne – Verse 1]
Ooh girl, I love you so
Good lord almighty, I’m in love with a whitey
I call her aphrodite, I call her when I need her
And she give me good love til my nose start bleeding
Life is just like moving mountains
When I can’t cope, I’m hittin’ that slope
That great white hope, and it aint no pressure
I can’t feel nothing, but I never felt better
Hmm, but you were just no good for me
Killin’ me softly, that girl is poison
Huh, I had to let you go, take things slow
Just so you know

I’ll do it all again if I had the chance
Don’t feel the pain (don’t feel the pain)
Like novacane (like novacane)
I’ll take the whole world on, I’m feeling so strong
Don’t feel the pain (don’t feel the pain)
Like novacane (like novacane)
Like novacane

[Lil Wayne – Verse 2]
You used to make me feel so good
Like I was on top of the World
Sorry I gotta stay away from ya…

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